Brazil to redirect foreign investments into sub-salt oil finds

RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Brazil is considering stopping capital investment into foreign oil projects and concentrating instead on developing its own huge offshore sub-salt deposits, officials said.

Analysis: Brazil, Cuba sign oil pact

MIAMI, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- Brazil has signed a deal with Cuba to begin exploring its potentially oil-rich waters in the Gulf of Mexico in exchange for a multimillion-dollar aid program.
CARMEN GENTILE, UPI Energy Correspondent

Petrobras to invest in Bolivia natural gas

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 7 (UPI) -- Brazil's state-run Petrobras plans to invest in Bolivia's natural gas.

Feature: Brazil's oil giant under scrutiny

RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 10 (UPI) -- Brazil's new government has impressed markets with its fiscal austerity, but analysts remain cautious on certain fronts. That's nowhere more true than the direction of state-run oil giant Petrobras, especially in light of a potential war in Iraq.
BRADLEY BROOKS, UPI Business Correspondent

Latin American market roundup

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Winning sessions were scarce this week for Latin American stock markets, despite Argentina's temporary salvation courtesy of the International Monetary Fund and continuing moderate signals from Brazil's government. The biggest culprit may be what is worry
BRADLEY BROOKS, UPI Business Correspondent
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