Natural gas considered for trucking fuel

WASHINGTON, March 22 (UPI) -- Amid the nation's shale gas boom, natural gas is being considered as an alternative to diesel to fuel heavy trucks.

China warns on South China Sea oil

BEIJING, Sept. 15 (UPI) -- China warned India and other countries about oil exploration projects in the disputed South China Sea and its islands, claiming its "indisputable sovereignty" over the area.
Beijing denies arms sales to Gadhafi's men

Beijing denies arms sales to Gadhafi's men

BEIJING, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Beijing denied it had any contact with Moammar Gadhafi's arms buyers during their July trip to China, although private companies met them, a government official said.
China not confirming statement

China not confirming statement

BEIJING, May 25 (UPI) -- China has not confirmed the Pakistani defense minister's reported statement seeking Beijing set up a naval facility at Pakistan's Gwadar port.
China hoping Locke moves relations forward

China hoping Locke moves relations forward

BEIJING, March 11 (UPI) -- Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu says the country hopes then new U.S. ambassador to China will help improve relations.

China cracks down on foreign reporters

BEIJING, March 3 (UPI) -- Some foreign reporters in China are trying to stir up protests, an official said Thursday, warning them they could be arrested if they violate regulations.
China: U.S. legislators are 'arrogant'

China: U.S. legislators are 'arrogant'

BEIJING, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- U.S. legislators should "change their rude and arrogant attitude" towards China over the Nobel Peace prize issue, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said.

China stops talks over Diaoyu Islands

BEIJING, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- China has put on hold territorial and resources talks over the disputed Diaoyu Islands until Japan releases the captain of a detained Chinese trawler.

China welcomes outside quake relief help

BEIJING, April 19 (UPI) -- China welcomes the international community's willingness to help with earthquake relief in Yushu County in northwest Qinghai province, a spokeswoman said.
China firm on Internet security

China firm on Internet security

BEIJING, Jan. 15 (UPI) -- The Chinese Foreign Ministry, reacting to Google's review of its presence in China, said the government will regulate the Internet according to its laws.

China warns U.S. on arms sales to Taiwan

BEIJING, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- China, warning of "severe consequences," has asked the United States to cancel any arms sales to Taiwan that would undermine bilateral cooperation.
China says diplomacy needed with Iran

China says diplomacy needed with Iran

BEIJING, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- China, which opposes sanctions against Iran because of its nuclear program, said Tuesday there is still room for diplomacy.

China defends role in climate talks

BEIJING, Dec. 23 (UPI) -- China struck back Tuesday at British accusations that Beijing "hijacked" the Copenhagen climate-change talks.

Uighur deportation termed internal issue

BEIJING, Dec. 23 (UPI) -- China says the deportation of the 20 Uighur asylum seekers from Cambodia is an internal matter which should not concern the outside world.

China rejects cyber-attack claim

BEIJING, April 23 (UPI) -- China faces computer hacking problems of its own and should not be accused of hacking into other countries' computers, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.
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Jiang Yu (Chinese: 姜瑜) (born 1964) is the current Foreign Ministry Spokesperson for the People's Republic of China.

A native of Beijing, she has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over twenty years and she had been posted around the world, including the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and the Xinhua News Agency in Hong Kong.

Over the years, she has become noted for her sharp commentary. In March 2011, her comments regarding the handling of journalists operating in mainland China in the wake of growing social unease about restricted civil liberties in the mainland attracted some attention.

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