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Bomb explodes in Palestinian house
GAZ2001043004 - 30 APRIL 2001 - GAZA CITY, GAZA: Palestinian rescue teams search the remains of a house in Gaza City, Monday April 30, 2001 after an explosion killed two Palestinians and injured five others. A neighbor said the building belonged to an activist from the militant group Hamas. Israel radio said the house was apparently a bomb factory. Hamas has claimed responsibility for several recent bombing attacks in Israel. rw/Abdelrahman Al-khateeb. UPI
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Kol Yisrael (קול ישראל lit. "Voice of Israel", also "Israel Radio") is Israel's public domestic and international radio service, operated as a division of the Israel Broadcasting Authority.

Kol Yisrael was originally an underground Haganah radio station that broadcast from Tel Aviv. It started consistently broadcasting in December 1947 under the name Telem-Shamir-Boaz, and was renamed to Kol HaHagana ("Voice of the Haganah") in March 1948. With Israel's declaration of independence on May 14, 1948, it was transformed into the official station Kol Yisrael. Another station named Kol Yisrael operated in Haifa, and was renamed Kol Tzva HaHagana (Voice of the Defense Force).

The first Kol Yisrael transmission was a live broadcast from Tel Aviv of David Ben-Gurion reading of the declaration of independence. It was operated by a department of the Ministry of the Interior responsible for domestic and international broadcasts. Responsibility for the service was later transferred to the Office of Posts and Telegraphs and then to the Prime Minister's Office.

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