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Princess Diana and John Lennon, as well as Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare, have topped the British Broadcasting Corp.'s list of greatest Britons ever.
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HOLLYWOOD, July 24 (UPI) -- Bring me the head of Martha Stewart! Or so it would seem the outraged women of America seem to be howling.
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Newton's cherished constant may not be

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 6 (UPI) -- A Russian physicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced experimental data that may topple one of science's most cherished dogmas -- that Newton's gravitational constant, famously symbolized by a large "G," remains constant wherever, whe

The Bear's Lair: The rural future

WASHINGTON, April 22 (UPI) -- There is a general assumption among commentators -- the majority of whom are urban -- that cities are where the future is germinated, while rural areas represen
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Today is Tuesday, Dec. 25, the 359th day of 2001, with six to follow.
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Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton PRS (4 January 1643 – 31 March 1727 ) was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian.

His monograph Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, published in 1687, lays the foundations for most of classical mechanics. In this work, Newton described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion, which dominated the scientific view of the physical universe for the next three centuries. Newton showed that the motions of objects on Earth and of celestial bodies are governed by the same set of natural laws, by demonstrating the consistency between Kepler's laws of planetary motion and his theory of gravitation, thus removing the last doubts about heliocentrism and advancing the Scientific Revolution. The Principia is generally considered to be one of the most important scientific books ever written.

Widely regarded as one of the most influential people in human history, Newton built the first practical reflecting telescope and developed a theory of colour based on the observation that a prism decomposes white light into the many colours that form the visible spectrum. He also formulated an empirical law of cooling and studied the speed of sound.

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