N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's primary challenger stays on ballot

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's primary challenger stays on ballot

ALBANY, N.Y., Aug. 21 (UPI) --New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's campaign says it will not appeal a ruling allows law professor Zephyr Teachout to remain in the Democratic primary.
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UPI Almanac for Friday, Jan. 3, 2014.
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Action needed to save Iranian dissidents in Iraq

LONDON, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Imagine if seven British citizens had been taken hostage in a foreign land and couldn't be located, that's exactly what has happened to seven members of an Iranian opposition group but there has been little news coverage of this affair.
STEVE MCCABE, UPI Outside View Commentator

Howard Dean: There will be 'glitches,' but optimistic about Obamacare

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean said Sunday he expects some "glitches" in the sign-up process, but ultimately believes the Affordable Care Act will work.
The Issue: Obamacare -- Deadlines approaching, shutdown looming?

The Issue: Obamacare -- Deadlines approaching, shutdown looming?

With summer fading and fall healthcare reform deadlines approaching, politicians are getting nervous -- Democrats fearing President Obama's signature domestic accomplishment won't work and Republicans fearing it will.
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Saving Private Romney

Saving Private Romney

WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- Can the selection of Paul Ryan for the Republican candidate for vice president help the campaign of Mitt Romney and will the be able to govern if they do win?
HARLAN ULLMAN, UPI Outside View Commentator

Rendell questioned on ties to Iran group

WASHINGTON, March 13 (UPI) -- A U.S. agency has asked former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to turn over information on his relationship with an Iranian exile group, officials say.

International community must stop Iraqi abuse of Iranian opposition

LONDON, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- It seems that the respite regarding the fate of Camp Ashraf residents in Iraq is going to be short-lived.
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GOP 2012 primary resembles Dems in 2003

GOP 2012 primary resembles Dems in 2003

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan. 2 (UPI) -- The changes in favorites among Republican U.S. 2012 presidential contenders is similar to those in the 2003 contest for Democratic hopefuls, Gallup said.

Negative language inspires viciousness

COLUMBIA, Mo., Nov. 5 (UPI) -- Politics are getting nastier due to digital media, which are segmenting people into polarized interest groups, U.S. researchers suggest.

Officials: State employee skipped Fridays

ALBANY, N.Y., April 14 (UPI) -- New York state officials said a retired prison food services director scammed nearly $500,000 from the state in various ways, including taking off Fridays.

Dean, Rove call for civil political debate

GREENCASTLE, Ind., Sept. 12 (UPI) -- Former Bush administration adviser Karl Rove and one-time U.S. Democratic National Committed chairman Howard Dean say more political civility is needed.

Dean: Van Jones 'brought down'

WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Van Jones, U.S. President Barack Obama's former "green jobs czar," was "brought down," former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Sunday.
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Howard Dean
Former Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean speaks at a rally at George Washington University in Washington on March 25, 2004. Former Governor of Vermont Dean endorsed Kerry at the event. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)...

Howard Brush Dean III (born November 17, 1948) is an American politician and physician from the U.S. state of Vermont. He served six terms as the 79th Governor of Vermont and ran unsuccessfully for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. He was chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009. Although his U.S. Presidential campaign was unsuccessful, Dean is regarded as a pioneer in raising the profile of internet based fundraising and grassroots organizing.

Before entering politics, Dean earned his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1978. Dean was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives as a Democrat in 1982 and was elected lieutenant governor in 1986. Both were part-time positions that enabled him to continue practicing medicine. In 1991, Dean became governor of Vermont when Richard A. Snelling died in office. Dean was subsequently elected to five two-year terms, serving from 1991 to 2003, making him the second longest-serving governor in Vermont history, after Thomas Chittenden (1778–1789 and 1790–1797). Dean served as chairman of the National Governors Association from 1994 to 1995; during his term, Vermont paid off much of its public debt and had a balanced budget 11 times, lowering income taxes twice. Dean also oversaw the expansion of the "Dr. Dynasaur" program, which ensures universal health care for children and pregnant women in the state. He is a noted staunch supporter of universal health care.

An early front-runner for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, Dean denounced the 2003 invasion of Iraq and called on Democrats to oppose the Bush administration. Dean showed fundraising ability, and was a pioneer of political fundraising via the Internet; however, he lost the nomination to Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. Dean formed the organization Democracy for America and later was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee in February 2005. As chairman of the party, Dean created and employed the 50 State Strategy that attempted to make Democrats competitive in normally conservative states often dismissed in the past as "solid red." The success of the strategy became apparent after the 2006 midterm elections, where Democrats took back the House and picked up seats in the Senate from normally Republican states such as Missouri and Montana. In the 2008 election, Barack Obama used The 50 state strategy as the backbone of his candidacy.

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