U.S. ambassador returning to Syria

U.S. ambassador returning to Syria

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- Robert Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria who left Damascus last month after receiving death threats, is returning to the country, the State Department said.

Hezbollah leader in rare public appearance

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- No conspiracy or war can undermine the influence of the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah's secretary-general said during a rare public appearance in Beirut.
Nasrallah makes rare public appearance

Nasrallah makes rare public appearance

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- In a rare public appearance Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Israel "is the tool of the U.S. against Arabs and Muslims," and called on Muslims to unite.
Hezbollah 'cripples' CIA - or so it seems

Hezbollah 'cripples' CIA - or so it seems

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Hezbollah's roll-up of a CIA operation in Beirut has given the Iranian-backed movement an immense boost.
Hezbollah warns against aggression

Hezbollah warns against aggression

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Hezbollah and their Shiite allies in Lebanon vowed to support Iran and Syria against potential intervention by Western countries.

Report says Hezbollah on high alert

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Hezbollah went on high alert and declared a general mobilization, instructing its combat and missile units to prepare, the Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah said.
Hezbollah leader: Don't attack Iran

Hezbollah leader: Don't attack Iran

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- The head of the Lebanese Hezbollah group warned Friday of "regional war" if Iran is attacked or there are military attempts to aid rebels in Syria.

Syrian hospitals called torture chambers

LONDON, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Hospital staff members in Syria are suspected of torturing or abusing people caught up in the civil conflict, Amnesty International said in a report.
Hezbollah rules out war

Hezbollah rules out war

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said many of the region's problems were because of Western meddling but stressed war wasn't an option.

Hezbollah to defend oil, gas reserves

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 27 (UPI) -- Hezbollah respects Beirut's authority on border demarcation, though reserves the right to avenge attacks on oil and gas installations, its leader said.

Hezbollah will endure despite tribunal

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 20 (UPI) -- If Hezbollah can handle the Israeli military during the 2006 war, it can handle a tribunal probing Rafik Hariri's assassination, its leader said from Lebanon.

STL is 'useless,' Hezbollah says

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 6 (UPI) -- The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is part of a war against the Shiite resistance movement that will ultimately prove useless, said Hezbollah's leader.

Hezbollah blasts U.N.-backed tribunal

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 5 (UPI) -- A tribunal investigating the 2005 slaying of a former Lebanese prime minister is a relic of the past, the deputy leader of Hezbollah said.
Hezbollah brags about missiles

Hezbollah brags about missiles

BEIRUT, Lebanon, May 26 (UPI) -- Hezbollah's missiles will remain in place to protect Lebanon from Israeli aggression, the secretary-general of the Shiite resistance movement said.

Hezbollah not 'power seekers'

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- Despite getting support for its nominee for Lebanese prime minister, Hezbollah said Tuesday it wasn't interested in a position of ultimate power in Beirut.
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Hassan Nasrallah
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks via live video from his hiding place, as clashes between pro-government forces and the Hezbollah-led opposition continue throughout Lebanon for a second day, leaving many parts of Beirut and other towns deserted on May 8, 2008. A general labor strike that was called for yesterday has expanded into armed confrontation between the two groups. (UPI Photo)

Hasan Nasrallah, often less correctly spelled as Hassan, (born August 31, 1960; Arabic: حسن نصرالله‎) became the third Secretary General of the Lebanese political and paramilitary organization Hezbollah after Israel assassinated the previous leader, Abbas al-Musawi, in 1992. Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization by The United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Egypt, Israel, Australia, and Canada.

Hasan Nasrallah was born the ninth of ten children in Bourj Hammoud, Matn District (an eastern suburb of Beirut) on August 31, 1960 . His father, Abdul Karim, was born in Bazouriyeh, a village in Jabal Amel (South Republic of Lebanon) located near Tyre to Iranian grandparents. Although his family was not particularly religious, Hasan was interested in theological studies. He attended an-Najah school and later a public school in Sin el Fil (Christian area) Beirut.

In 1975, the Lebanese Civil War forced the family to move to their ancestral home in Bassouriyeh, where Hasan Nasrallah completed his secondary education at the public school of Sour (Tyre). Here he joined the Amal Movement, a Lebanese Shi'a political group.

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