15 minutes of exercise burns one 'treat'

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- People who indulge in Halloween candy can burn off calories and have fun, or even be productive, at the same time, a U.S. non-profit fitness organization says.

ABC promotes 'Pan Am' Halloween costumes

CULVER CITY, Calif., Oct. 26 (UPI) -- The publicity department for ABC's new drama series "Pam Am" is offering tips on how to dress like a sexy 1960s stewardess for Halloween.
Americans eat 25 pounds of candy per year

Americans eat 25 pounds of candy per year

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- Americans will eat an estimated 25 pounds of candy per-capita this year, while pumpkin growers will produce more than 1 billion pounds of the holiday gourds.

Spiders gather atop Chicago skyscrapers

CHICAGO, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Officials with Chicago skyscrapers said the Halloween season has brought on real-life creepy-crawlers in the form of spiders on their highest floors.
Dentist plans Halloween candy buyback

Dentist plans Halloween candy buyback

MANSFIELD, Ohio, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- An Ohio dentist said he is aiming to prevent cavities by buying back Halloween candy from trick-or-treaters at $1 per pound.
Obama: Kid-in-a-candy-store-in-chief

Obama: Kid-in-a-candy-store-in-chief

BOONE, N.C., Oct. 17 (UPI) -- President Obama turned from advocate-in-chief to kid-in-a-candy-store-in-chief Monday as he beheld tempting tubs of candy inside a general store in Boone, N.C.
Robert Englund to guest star on 'Hawaii Five-0'

Robert Englund to guest star on 'Hawaii Five-0'

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17 (UPI) -- Robert Englund, who created the role of Freddy Kreuger in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise, is to appear on the Halloween episode of "Hawaii Five-0."
Theme park serves cockroaches for contest

Theme park serves cockroaches for contest

AUSTELL, Ga., Oct. 16 (UPI) -- Several Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park visitors participated in a cockroach eating contest to win 2012 season passes to the park.

Early Halloween at NYC Comic Con

NEW YORK, Calif., Oct. 16 (UPI) -- Organizers of New York Comic Con said they expected nearly 100,000 for this weekend's big pre-Halloween event.
Halloween scaring up sales

Halloween scaring up sales

CHICAGO, Oct. 16 (UPI) -- Americans are hard-pressed to think of anything scarier than the economy these days -- but that's not stopping them from planning Halloween blowouts.

This year's pumpkin crop mixed

MORTON, Ill., Oct. 14 (UPI) -- This year's U.S. pumpkin crop is a good one for pies but not so stellar for Halloween jack-o'-lanterns, a crop expert says.
Arrest warrant issued for 'Moss Man'

Arrest warrant issued for 'Moss Man'

HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 12 (UPI) -- An Oregon judge issued a bench warrant for a burglary suspect known as the "Moss Man" when he failed to show up for his trial.
'Anna Rexia' costume upsets groups

'Anna Rexia' costume upsets groups

BELL, Calif., Oct. 7 (UPI) -- Some U.S. retailers and online stores have invited controversy by selling an "Anna Rexia" Halloween costume created by a California company.
Costume shops stock up on Sheen

Costume shops stock up on Sheen

NEW YORK, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- New York costume shops said their most in-demand get-ups this Halloween season have thus far been costumes based on actor Charlie Sheen.

City bans man's 'Thriller' plans

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Florida officials said they banned a man known for his Halloween displays from hosting a "Thriller" dance in his driveway because it would violate city codes.
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Monsters distribute candy for Halloween at the White House in Washington on October 31, 2010. US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will greet trick or treaters at the North Portico of the White House as they celebrate Halloween. UPI/Olivier Douliery/Pool

Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. History Historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while "some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia, it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, whose original spelling was Samuin (pronounced sow-an or sow-in)".[1] The name of the festival historically kept by the Gaels and Celts in the British Isles is derived from Old Irish and means roughly "summer's end".[1][2][3] According to the Oxford Dictionary of English folk lore: "Certainly Samhain was a time for festive gatherings, and medieval Irish texts and later Irish, Welsh, and Scottish folklore use it as a setting for supernatural encounters, but there is no evidence that it was connected with the dead in pre-Christian times, or that pagan religious ceremonies were held."[4] The Irish myths which mention Samhain were written in the 10th and 11th centuries by Christian monks. This is around 200 years after the Catholic church inaugurated All Saints Day and at least 400 years after Ireland became Christian.[4] Origin of name The word Halloween is first attested in the 16th century and represents a Scottish variant of the fuller All-Hallows-Even ("evening"), that is, the night before All Hallows Day.[5] Although the phrase All Hallows is found in Old English (ealra hālgena mæssedæg, mass-day of all saints), All-Hallows-Even is itself not attested until 1556.[5]

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