EU serious about offshore drilling safety

WASHINGTON, July 17 (UPI) -- Oil and natural gas companies are called on to do more to ensure their offshore operations are safe, the EU energy commissioner said from Washington.

Europe sees need for more gas pipelines

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 1 (UPI) -- European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said last week's decision on a pipeline for Azeri natural gas is just the beginning for Europe.

EU starts ball rolling on 2030 green goals

BRUSSELS, May 23 (UPI) -- The European Union needs to start looking at how to provide incentives to boost clean energy measures beyond 2020 targets, a lawmaker said.

Europe clamps down on offshore energy safety

STRASBOURG, France, May 22 (UPI) -- Legislation in the European Union regarding oil and natural gas production safety is long overdue, Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said.

Oettinger: EU studying 'fracking' as it seeks to cut energy prices

BRUSSELS, May 22 (UPI) -- The European Union will carefully weigh the risks of shale gas development this year but also needs to stem high energy prices, the EU's energy chief says.

EU oil, gas rules get vote of confidence

BRUSSELS, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Proposed rules for offshore oil and gas operations in European waters will ensure the region has standards in place for safe operations, a commissioner said.

New EU deep-water oil rules advance

STRASBOURG, France, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- A key European Parliament committee has approved new rules for deepwater oil drilling that tighten environmental liability requirements on energy companies.

EU: Gazprom must play by rules

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Russia and its Gazprom oil and gas monopoly need to recognize and play by the European Union's market rules, EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger says.

Oil ban would hurt only Europe, Iran says

TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- Any EU move to impose a ban on Iranian oil imports would cripple the struggling economies of Spain, Greece and Italy, an Iranian parliamentary leader says.

Europeans split on nuclear safety tests

BERLIN, May 13 (UPI) -- European regulators are split on whether stress tests for nuclear plants should cover terrorism and other man-made threats.

EU: Some nuke plants likely to fail tests

BRUSSELS, March 18 (UPI) -- Some of Europe's nuclear power plants likely will fail safety tests prompted by the nuclear crisis in Japan, the European Union's energy chief said.
EU energy expert concerned about Japan

EU energy expert concerned about Japan

BRUSSELS, March 17 (UPI) -- The EU energy commissioner expressed concern about methods Japanese technicians are using to prevent further disaster at a crippled nuclear power plant.

EU wants stress tests for its reactors

BRUSSELS, March 16 (UPI) -- The European Union plans to carry out stress tests at the continent's nuclear reactors, amid concerns that some of them aren't protected from natural disasters such as the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.

London gets high marks in green reform

BRUSSELS, March 7 (UPI) -- The United Kingdom was the only regional economy to see energy usage decline during the first eight years of the 21st century, a report finds.
EU: Gadhafi has lost control over oil, gas

EU: Gadhafi has lost control over oil, gas

BRUSSELS, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Moammar Gadhafi's regime has lost control over most of Libya's oil and gas fields, European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Monday in Brussels.

EU wants more money for clean energy

BRUSSELS, Jan. 31 (UPI) -- Europe will have to double its spending on renewables to nearly $100 billion if it wants to meets its 2020 clean energy targets, EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Monday.

EU wants Swiss in common energy market

BERN, Switzerland, Jan. 18 (UPI) -- European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has urged Switzerland to join the EU's electricity market, in a bid to gain a compact consumer with large hydropower storage capabilities that could protect the European grid from outages.

EU: South Stream, Nabucco are competitors

BRUSSELS, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger Monday identified the Russian-launched South Stream gas pipeline as a potential competitor to the EU-backed Nabucco project.

EU want $270 billion for energy grid

BRUSSELS, Nov. 17 (UPI) -- The European Union Wednesday outlined its energy infrastructure priorities for the next two decades, saying some $270 billion have to be invested into "smart" power grids, electricity highways as well as new oil and gas pipelines.

EU wants $1.4 trillion for energy overhaul

BERLIN, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Europe's top energy official Wednesday unveiled a strategy to spend some $1.4 trillion over the next decade on a common EU energy network to help blaze a trail into the new energy age.
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Europe Correspondent

EU backs Poland, Russian gas deal

BRUSSELS, Nov. 5 (UPI) -- Europe is satisfied with bilateral energy deals between Poland and Russia but there are sticking points, the European energy commissioner said.

EU to stop export of nuclear waste

BRUSSELS, Nov. 4 (UPI) -- New EU proposals for member states to bury their nuclear waste deep underground also would forbid its overseas export, officials said.

EU energy minister courting Russia?

MOSCOW, Nov. 3 (UPI) -- The Nord Stream and South Stream natural gas pipelines could find significance in a European energy strategy, a Russian energy minister said.

EU wants stricter oil drilling rules

BRUSSELS, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- The European Commission is pushing for stricter bloc-wide safety rules for offshore oil exploration, just as the United States lifted a moratorium on deepwater drilling.

EU calls for drilling moratorium

BRUSSELS, July 15 (UPI) -- The energy commissioner for the European Union has called for a moratorium on oil drilling in deep water in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico spill.
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