Britain taps MBDA for more Brimstone missiles

LONDON, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- Missile-maker MBDA will continue to provide Brimstone air-to-ground missiles to Britain's Ministry of Defense under a five-year follow-on order.

Boeing, Lockheed team to win USAF bomber contract

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Aerospace giants Boeing and Lockheed Martin have announced they will partner to compete for a U.S. Air Force contract to build a next-generation, long-range bomber.

Military gives Pratt & Whitney F-135 LRIP modification

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- Pratt & Whitney has received a contract modification from the U.S. Department of Defense for the sixth low-rate initial production lot of F135 engines.
Magellan touts work on F-35 horizontal tail assemblies

Magellan touts work on F-35 horizontal tail assemblies

TORONTO, Oct. 17 (UPI) -- The first complete ship set of horizontal tail assemblies from Magellan Aerospace has been installed on an F-35 Lightning II aircraft by Lockheed Martin.
Northrop delivers fuselage for Australian F-35

Northrop delivers fuselage for Australian F-35

PALMDALE, Calif., Oct. 4 (UPI) -- The first of 100 center fuselages for F-35 Lightning II aircraft to be built for Australia has been delivered to Lockheed Martin by Northrop Grumman.

Japan chooses Mitsubishi Electric, IHI, MHI for F-35 parts

TOKYO, Oct. 3 (UPI) -- The Japanese government has confirmed that three domestic companies will manufacture parts for Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II fighters destined for Japan's Air Self-defense Force.

Lockheed focused on South Korean jet re-tender

SEOUL, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin said it will continue with its bid to land a major South Korean jet fighter contract when the deal is re-tendered.
Rolls-Royce joins BAE team for USAF contract bid

Rolls-Royce joins BAE team for USAF contract bid

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 13 (UPI) -- Rolls-Royce has joined BAE Systems' in a bid to supply the U.S. Air Force with BAE's Hawk Advanced Jet Training System to replace T-38 pilot training aircraft.

China moves closer to electric propulsion for naval ships

BEIJING, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. said it has "finalized" its gas turbine electric propulsion system for naval ships, China Daily reported

Russia showcasing new Sukhoi fighters at Moscow air show

MOSCOW, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Russia is highlighting some of its most advanced fighter aircraft at Moscow's MAKS-2013 air show. After energy, armaments remain the Russian Federation's most popular exports.

Exelis producing more F-35 components

AMITYVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Munition carriage and release systems for Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II are to continue to be supplied by Exelis under low-rate production awards.

Navy takes F-35C Lighting II to the skies

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla., Aug. 15 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy said the F-35C Lighting II fighter was granted interim safe-for-flight status as the "business end" of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier force.

Lockheed offering U.S. Army helicopter mission equipment package

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 5 (UPI) -- A universal and adaptable mission equipment package for helicopters is being offered to the U.S. Army by Lockheed Martin.

Rolls-Royce producing more F-35B lift systems

LONDON, July 31 (UPI) -- Rolls-Royce has been given a new contract for fifth production lot LiftSystems used on F-35B Lightning II fighters manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

Northrop produces 100th CNI system for F-35s

SAN DIEGO, July 30 (UPI) -- Northrop Grumman said it has delivered its 100th AN/ASQ-242 communications, navigation and identification system to Lockheed Martin for integration into the F-35 Lightning II fighter.
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F-35 Lightning II
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley announces Lightning II as the name selected for the new Lockheed Martin F-35 during the inauguration ceremony at the Lockheed Martin plant in Fort Worth, Texas on July 7, 2006. (Image photo/Lockheed Martin)

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, fifth generation multirole fighters under development to perform ground attack, reconnaissance, and air defense missions with stealth capability. The F-35 has three main models; one is a conventional takeoff and landing variant, the second is a short take off and vertical-landing variant, and the third is a carrier -based variant.

The F-35 is descended from the X-35, the product of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. JSF development is being principally funded by the United States, with the United Kingdom and other partner governments providing additional funding. It is being designed and built by an aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin. The F-35 took its first flight on 15 December 2006.

The United States intends to buy a total of 2,443 aircraft for an estimated US$323 billion, making it the most expensive defense program ever. The United States Air Force (USAF) budget data in 2010, along with other sources, projects the F-35 to have a flyaway cost from US$89 million to US$200 million over the planned production of F-35s. Cost estimates have risen to $382 billion for 2,443 aircraft, at an average of $156 million each. The rising program cost estimates have cast doubt on the actual number to be produced for the U.S. In January 2011, the F-35B variant was placed on "probation" for two years because of development issues.

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