Prize French bulldog, 2 litters of puppies stolen in Miami

MIAMI, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- A French bulldog, the prize stud of a Miami breeder, and 15 puppies he sired have been stolen, police said.

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UPI Almanac for Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013.
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Why U.S. is losing Iraq and why Iran can't afford to

HERNDON, Va., Oct. 8 (UPI) -- At times in U.S. history its leaders failed to "get the message" of a national security threat, suffering dire consequences as a result.
JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator

Italian winemaker says Hitler, Mussolini bottles 'joke gift'

UDINE, Italy, Aug. 6 (UPI) -- An Italian winemaker who sells bottles of the beverage featuring pictures of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini said the products are meant as "a joke gift."

Watercooler Stories

Siblings return bag of found money … Hotel takes down Che-style picture … Owl survives 140 miles in front grille … Museum uses beloved bear's pelt for model … Watercooler stories from UPI.

Hotel takes down Che-style picture

SOUTH BEACH, Fla., Feb. 14 (UPI) -- A Florida hotel said a portrait appearing to depict communist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara was taken down a week after it was put on display.
Kurdish family divided by peace protests

Kurdish family divided by peace protests

RANIA, Iraq, Feb. 3 (UPI) -- Kareem Sharif is one of a dozen old men who hold court around the checkerboards in Rania Public Park. Sharif, 59, is known for his pluck and tenacity on the boards.

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FARC OKs peace talks; rap video mocks Santos

FARC OKs peace talks; rap video mocks Santos

BOGOTA, Sept. 4 (UPI) -- Colombia's largest revolutionary guerrilla group confirmed in a defiant, mocking rap video it was involved in exploratory peace talks with the government.

Colombia rebels free hostages held 12 yrs.

VILLAVICENCIA, Colombia, April 2 (UPI) -- A Colombian rebel group operating since the 1940s Monday freed 10 government officials held hostage for more than 12 years, the International Red Cross said.
Report: Cuba to free 2,900 prisoners

Report: Cuba to free 2,900 prisoners

HAVANA, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- Cuba will release some 2,900 jailed political prisoners with pardons, President Raul Castro announced.

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Che Guevara pal Granado dies

HAVANA, March 6 (UPI) -- Alberto Granado, who was a sidekick to the late Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara, died Saturday in Havana. He was 88.
Cuban overtones dropped from Florida race

Cuban overtones dropped from Florida race

PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Organizers of the 24 Hours of LeMons auto race said they would scratch references to communist rebel leader Che Guevara from their December race in Florida.

Obama denounced at Miami health rally

MIAMI, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Hundreds of Miami healthcare reform protesters, gathered at a "Recess Rally," compared U.S. President Barack Obama to communists, witnesses said.
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Ernesto Che Guevara
WAP870112211 - 2 AUGUST 1961 - HAVANA, CUBA: Cuban leader Fidel Castro (L) and Major Ernesto "Che" Guevara wait to board a plane for Montevideo, Uruguay. Guevara was killed in Bolivia on October 8, 1967. UPI

Ernesto "Che" Guevara (Spanish pronunciation: ; June 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967), commonly known as El Che or simply Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat, military theorist, and major figure of the Cuban Revolution. Since his death, his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol and global insignia within popular culture.

As a medical student, Guevara traveled throughout Latin America and was transformed by the endemic poverty he witnessed. His experiences and observations during these trips led him to conclude that the region's ingrained economic inequalities were an intrinsic result of capitalism, monopolism, neocolonialism, and imperialism, with the only remedy being world revolution. This belief prompted his involvement in Guatemala's social reforms under President Jacobo Arbenz, whose eventual CIA-assisted overthrow solidified Guevara's radical ideology. Later, while living in Mexico City, he met Raúl and Fidel Castro, joined their 26th of July Movement, and travelled to Cuba aboard the yacht, Granma, with the intention of overthrowing U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Guevara soon rose to prominence among the insurgents, was promoted to second-in-command, and played a pivotal role in the successful two year guerrilla campaign that deposed the Batista regime.

Following the Cuban Revolution, Guevara performed a number of key roles in the new government. These included instituting agrarian reform as minister of industries, serving as both national bank president and instructional director for Cuba’s armed forces, reviewing the appeals and firing squads for those convicted as war criminals during the revolutionary tribunals, and traversing the globe as a diplomat on behalf of Cuban socialism. Such positions allowed him to play a central role in training the militia forces who repelled the Bay of Pigs Invasion and bringing to Cuba the Soviet nuclear-armed ballistic missiles which precipitated the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Additionally, he was a prolific writer and diarist, composing a seminal manual on guerrilla warfare, along with a best-selling memoir about his youthful motorcycle journey across South America. Guevara left Cuba in 1965 to foment revolution abroad, first unsuccessfully in Congo-Kinshasa and later in Bolivia, where he was captured by CIA-assisted Bolivian forces and executed.

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