Einstein, Newton displayed autistic traits

DUBLIN, Ireland, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton displayed symptoms of psychiatric disorders that may have been a key to their genius, a Dublin psychiatrist said.

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Brit leader says civil liberties eroding ... Deceased ask for votes, not flowers .. Ashlee Simpson takes blame for lip-syncing ... Thieving grannies: 'Take that.. and that' ... Watercooler stories from UPI.
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Thieving grannies: 'Take that.. and that'

ST. ANNE''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''S, England, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- British police have smashed a shoplifting cartel run by three women in their 80s who swapped teenagers contraband cigarettes for stolen food.

The Bear's Lair: Britain-Apocalypse soon!

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- The England Test cricket team has just blown the third successive Test Match in a five-match series, thus ensuring that the "Ashes" remain with Australia, as they have after all nine series since 1987. Since England's population is more than twice Austral
MARTIN HUTCHINSON, UPI Business and Economics Editor

Review: 'Antony Fisher'

(Reviewed by Ralph Harris, who was elevated to the British peerage as Lord Harris of High Cross.)

Alternate History: 1943-road not taken-II

WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 (UPI) -- This is the second part of an essay in alternate history, to suggest how, had random factors fallen differently, Britain's history in the gloomy 1945-79 period could have been very different, and perhaps happier.
MARTIN HUTCHINSON, UPI Business and Economics Editor

Book of the Week: The Rotters' Club

SAN DIEGO, March 12 (UPI) -- "The Rotters' Club" (by Jonathan Coe $24.95 Knopf, 419 pages) is an immensely enjoyable read by the author of "The Winshaw Legacy," which ferociously explored t

Brigadier John Enoch Powell, MBE (16 June 1912 – 8 February 1998) was a British politician, linguist, writer, academic, soldier and poet.

He was a Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) between 1950 and February 1974, and an Ulster Unionist MP between October 1974 and 1987. He was controversial through most of his career, and his tenure in senior office was brief. He held strong and distinctive views on matters such as immigration, national identity, monetary policy, and the United Kingdom's entry into the European Economic Community, which later became the European Union. He is remembered for his controversial 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech in opposition to mass Commonwealth immigration to Britain; this resulted in him being sacked from the Shadow Cabinet.

Enoch Powell was born in Stechford, Birmingham, England. He lived there for the first six years of his life before moving, in 1918, to Kings Norton, where he lived until 1930. He was the only child of Albert Enoch Powell (1872–1956), primary school headmaster, and his wife, Ellen Mary (1886–1953). Ellen was the daughter of Henry Breese, a Liverpool policeman, and his wife Eliza), who had given up her own teaching career after marrying. The Powells were of Welsh descent, having moved to the developing Black Country in the early 19th century. His great-grandfather was a miner in the coalfields, and his grandfather had been employed in the iron trade.

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