Brazilian president pledges reforms in hopes of ending protests

Brazilian president pledges reforms in hopes of ending protests

BRASILIA, Brazil, June 22 (UPI) -- The president of Brazil says she will make a series of reforms designed to quell protests that have seen more than a million people in the streets.

Brazilian president calls emergency meeting over protests

BRASILIA, Brazil, June 21 (UPI) -- Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff held an emergency cabinet meeting Friday to discuss widespread protesting and civil unrest in her country.

Brazil braces for more anti-government protests

SAO PAULO, June 19 (UPI) -- Brazil braced for a new round of anti-government protests Wednesday after a violent night of looting and vandalism in Sao Paulo that led to at least 30 arrests.

Argentina, Brazil head for showdown over rail seizure

BUENOS AIRES, June 6 (UPI) -- Argentina triggered a new political confrontation with neighbor Brazil as it appropriated two railway concessions from Brazilian freight company America Latina Logistica S.A.

Brazil grapples with indigenous land protests

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 6 (UPI) -- Brazil's simmering conflict with indigenous communities boiled over this week after rioting over long-standing claims the government's zeal for development has encroached on sacred ancestral land of native Indian tribes.

Biden: Now's the time for stronger U.S.-Brazil ties

BRASILIA, Brazil, May 31 (UPI) -- U.S. Vice President Joe Biden ended his visit to Brazil Friday saying it is time the United States and Brazil become closer partners.

Saab upgrading bid for Brazil FX-2 contest

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 20 (UPI) -- Sweden's Saab is upgrading its bid for Brazil's FX-2 jet fighter purchase plan, even as it weighs challenges from rivals Boeing and France's Dassault.

Brazil picks suppliers for electronic border fence

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 14 (UPI) -- Brazil's plans to build an electronic fence along its border moved forward with what appears to be the final selection of local and foreign suppliers.

Brazil rebuilding Antarctic base gutted by fire

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 7 (UPI) -- Brazil is rebuilding its major Antarctic research base, gutted in a fire more than a year ago, but millions of dollars worth of scientific data acquired over the years will be impossible to recover.

Match held in renovated Rio World Cup stadium

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 27 (UPI) -- An exhibition soccer match was held in Brazil's Maracana stadium Saturday to mark the completion of renovations for the 2014 World Cup.

Brazil's FX-2 jet fighter purchase decision put off again

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 17 (UPI) -- Brazil's long-delayed FX-2 fighter purchase program has been delayed again, leaving all three leading contractors guessing the outcome, whenever it happens.

Brazil beefs up security before pope's visit, World Cup

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 17 (UPI) -- Brazil is beefing up national security in preparation for the July visit of Pope Francis, FIFA World Cup next year and the Olympics in 2016.

More delays in Brazil air force upgrades

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 9 (UPI) -- Piecemeal upgrades to Brazilian air force inventory are threatening to overshadow the Latin American country's most important -- and most delayed -- plan to discard aging war jets and replace them with a brand-new inventory.

Ending poverty by 2030 'within our grasp'

WASHINGTON, April 3 (UPI) -- Extreme global poverty can be wiped out "within a generation," but climate change could wipe out all forms of progress, the World Bank chief said in Washington.

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Rain, landslides kill 16 in Brazil

PETROPOLIS, Brazil, March 19 (UPI) -- Heavy rains Monday caused landslides that killed at least 16 people in Petropolis, Brazil, 40 miles north of Rio de Janeiro, officials said.

Venezuelans wait for hours to view Chavez

CARACAS, Venezuela, March 8 (UPI) -- Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as Venezuela's interim president Friday in Caracas, three days after his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, died of cancer.

Brazil's submarine project well on way

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 4 (UPI) -- Brazil's plans to build its first nuclear submarine within 10 years are well on way to implementation despite skepticism about the Latin American country's technology transfer partnership with France.

Big-spending Brazil battles inflation

BRASILIA, Brazil, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Big-spending Brazil is battling renewed inflationary threats to its booming economy as state spending on World Cup and Olympics and related infrastructural projects kicks in.

Deal in works for Russian artillery buy

BRASILIA, Brazil, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- The Brazilian military appears moving toward procurement of five anti-aircraft defense systems from Russia this year.

Brazil forces head south to quell violence

FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Brazil has sent elite federal police forces to strife-torn Santa Catarina in the south to contain violence ordered by drug lords from their prison cells.

Finmeccanica's India troubles poorly timed

SAO PAULO, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- Italian aviation manufacturer Finmeccanica's troubles in India over an alleged bribery scandal are poorly timed amid ambitious plans for expansion in Latin America.

All-Brazilian heavy oil output under way

PORTO DO RIO GRANDE, Brazil, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- An all-Brazilian heavy oil operation is under way with every stage of the extraction, output, storage and supply reported to have been conducted with local expertise.

30,000 march for Brazil nightclub dead

SANTA MARIA, Brazil, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- Some 30,000 people marched past the Brazilian nightclub where 231 people were killed in a blaze, police said, while four men linked to the fire were in custody.

Slow progress in Latam, EU trade talks

SANTIAGO, Chile, Jan. 28 (UPI) -- Argentine protectionist tendencies and Brazil's economic downturn seem set to determine the direction of a much delayed trade deal between South America's Mercosur trade bloc and the European Union.
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