GAO accused of coverup

WASHINGTON, April 1 (UPI) -- A senior Congressional investigator says his agency covered up fraud by builders of a system intended to shield the United States from nuclear attack.

Boomers turning 60 signal change

WASHINGTON, Dec. 26 (UPI) -- Officials say a "demographic tsunami" is preparing to descend on the United States as baby boomers head into their 60s.

Costs of Social Security push questioned

WASHINGTON, April 7 (UPI) -- A Democratic U.S. congressman has asked a federal agency to determine how much President Bush's two-month push for Social Security reform will cost.

Medicare crisis looms in United States

WASHINGTON, March 17 (UPI) -- With healthcare costs increasing and an aging population drawing on healthcare services, Medicare will soon dwarf Social Security as a U.S. funding problem.

GAO chief warns of fiscal dangers

WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- GAO chief David Walker warned Tuesday the U.S. economy and national security prospects are grim unless the course on spending and tax policy is changed.

DOD tops GAO's 'high-risk' list

WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- The Defense Department is the most-mentioned agency in a study of the government's high-risk areas released Tuesday by Congress's watchdog group.

GAO: Medicare becoming bankrupt

WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- Experts say Medicare, the government provider of health insurance for 41 million elderly and disabled U.S. citizens, is nearing a crisis.

Comptroller issues SS warning

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- U.S. Comptroller General David Walker warns a restructuring of Social Security is needed to deal with the increasing federal budget deficit.

Report: Financial terror coming soon

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Federal spending in the United States now accounts for nearly 20 percent of the U.S. economy's annual output, and it's got a lot higher to go.

Senator asks GAO to examine USDA, mad cow

WASHINGTON, July 21 (UPI) -- U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, Wednesday requested the Government Accountability Office examine the Agriculture Department's mad cow disease strategy.

Analysis: Medicaid oversight lacking

Medicaid's fiscal management has been criticized by analysts and government investigators alike, stirring political debate over how it is funded, but a new report targets fixes that could keep the state-federal partnership structure of the entitlement pro
ELLEN BECK, United Press International

Jockstrip: The world as we know it

For men who want to be a "metrosexual" -- a sophisticated man who is fashionable and well-groomed -- Loews Hotels is introducing the "Metro Man" package.
ALEX CUKAN, United Press International

Today in Music:

Today's birthdays include bandleader Gordon Jenkins and jazz trombonist Jack Jenney in 1910; Burt Bacharach, who was born in 1928 (age 75); Ian Dury and Billy Swan, both in 1942 (age 61); David Walker, keyboardist with Gary Lewis and the Playboys, in 1943
By United Press International

Today in Music: a look back at pop music

The weekly UPI Today in Music package for May 10-16.
By United Press International

Congress wants airport screening inquiry

WASHINGTON, May 1 (UPI) -- Lawmakers are demanding an inquiry into security screening at the nation's airports, United Press International has learned, amid concerns from the families of the victims of Sept. 11 that there has been "little or no improvement" in aviation security sin
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David Walker
United States Comptroller General David Walker speaks about the growing fiscal imbalance in America, at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 2006 National Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update Conference, in Washington on August 21, 2006. (UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch)

“Can our condition be any worse? – Can it be more mean and abject? If there are any changes, will they not be for the better, though they may appear for the worst at first? Can they get us any lower?”

– Preamble, David Walker’s Appeal, p. 4

David Walker (September 27, 1785–June 28, 1830) was an audaciously outspoken Black American activist who demanded the immediate end of slavery in the new nation. A leader within the Black enclave in Boston, Massachusetts, he published in 1829 David Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World: a call to “awaken my brethren” to the power within Black unity and struggle. This was a time when free Black enclaves were expanding, simultaneous with an upsurge in rebellion against oppressive plantation and maritime slavery. Walker is still not widely recognized for his critical contribution to ending chattel slavery in the United States. Yet many historians and liberation theologians cite Walker’s Appeal as one of the most important political and social documents of the 19th century. They credit Walker for exerting a radicalizing influence on the abolitionist movements of his day and beyond. He has inspired many generations of Black leaders and activists of all backgrounds.

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