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O'Connell to participate in Scottish race

O'Connell to participate in Scottish race

NEW YORK, March 5 (UPI) -- U.S. television and film actor Jerry O'Connell is set to take part in a race across the Scottish Highlands, Drambuie liqueur announced Wednesday.

Bonnie Prince Charlie token to be sold

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- A ring supposedly used as a secret sign by supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie is on the auction block in Scotland.

Scotland searches for Culloden children

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- The National Trust for Scotland has begun a worldwide search for young people whose ancestors fought the 1746 Battle of Culloden.

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Poles in Scotland now have their own plaid

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- The latest Scottish clan now has its own tartan with colors that include the red and white of the Polish flag and dark blue representing Scotland.

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BBC anthem unhappy reminder for Scots

EDINBURGH, Scotland, April 29 (UPI) -- Scottish patriots have urged the BBC to find another tune for its World Cup anthem.

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Skye Bridge toll row continues ... Audio guide to give scoop on Scots bard ... Aquarium is winter refuge for sea turtles ... Chinese lay claim to inventing golf ... Watercooler stories from UPI.
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Skye Bridge toll row continues

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- A protester who goes by the name Robbie the Pict has threatened Scotland's transport minister with criminal action.

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Today is Saturday, Dec. 31, the 365th and last day of 2005.
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Prince Charles rejects Charles III title

LONDON, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- Britain's Prince Charles has rejected the title Charles III when he becomes King and will instead become George VII in honor of his grandfather.

It's a go for 'The Great Pretender'

LONDON, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Relativity Media of Los Angeles is putting up $18 million for Ewan McGregor's upcoming comedy "The Great Pretender," it was reported Friday.
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Prince Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart (31 December 1720 – 31 January 1788) commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie or The Young Pretender was the Jacobite pretender to the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland. This claim was as the eldest son of James Francis Edward Stuart, and grandson of James II and VII. Charles is perhaps best known as the instigator of the unsuccessful Jacobite uprising of 1745, where he led an insurrection which ended in a defeat at the Battle of Culloden that effectively ended the Jacobite cause. Charles's flight from Scotland after the uprising has rendered him a romantic figure of heroic failure in later representations.

Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Severino Maria Stuart was born in Rome, Italy, on 20 December 1720, where his father had been given a residence by Pope Clement XI. He spent almost all his childhood in Rome and Bologna. Prince Charles Edward was the son of the Old Pretender, James Francis Edward Stuart, son of exiled Stuart King, James II and his second wife Mary of Modena. His father was called the 'Pretender' because many believed he was not the King's true son—to those who feared a Catholic dynasty in England, his birth had seemed too convenient and was viewed with great suspicion.

His childhood in Rome was one of privilege, being brought up Catholic in a loving but argumentative family. Being the last legitimate heirs of the House of Stuart, his family lived with a sense of pride and staunchly believed in the Divine Right of Kings. The talk of regaining the thrones of England and Scotland for the Stuarts was a constant topic of conversation in the household, principally reflected in his father's often morose and combative moods.

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