Official rejects Kosovo organ sale claims

GENEVA, Switzerland, April 6 (UPI) -- A man who once headed the United Nations mission in Kosovo said he does not believe human organs were illegally traded during his watch.
Haitian orphans arrive in France

Haitian orphans arrive in France

PARIS, Dec. 23 (UPI) -- More than 100 orphaned Haitian children will be with their new families in France in time to spend Christmas, officials said.
STL independent, France tells Beirut

STL independent, France tells Beirut

PARIS, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- The U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon is an autonomous entity that should be free of external influence, the French prime minister said in Paris.

China to enter negotiations on sanctions

BEIJING, April 1 (UPI) -- China will take part in negotiations with other U.N. Security Council permanent members on new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, diplomats said.
France says no more troops to Afghanistan

France says no more troops to Afghanistan

LONDON, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says France will not send more fighting troops to Afghanistan but could send some who can train police and army, CNN reported.

Iran: Reiss swap claims untrue

TEHRAN, Dec. 23 (UPI) -- An Iranian diplomatic official says Tehran has not offered a prisoner swap in exchange for French teaching assistant Clotilde Reiss.

French minister accused in plot on Camara

CONAKRY, Guinea, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- French leaders are denying reports from Guinea that France's foreign minister was involved in a plot to kill the leader of Guinea's ruling junta.
France says force not option for Iran

France says force not option for Iran

PARIS, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- The French foreign minister Tuesday dismissed a military option to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis, saying resorting to force would be catastrophic.

Kouchner backs 15-10-5 for Beirut Cabinet

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Oct. 23 (UPI) -- The makeup of the next government in Lebanon should be in line with a power-sharing arrangement reached with top leaders, French officials said.
Israel bars French visit to Gaza

Israel bars French visit to Gaza

JERUSALEM, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has rejected a request by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to visit Gaza, an Israeli official said.

Karzai may not accept election recount

KABUL, Afghanistan, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai's campaign hinted he may not accept results of a recount of votes from the August election.

Mediator in Guinea after deadly protests

CONAKRY, Guinea, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- Western African leaders sent a mediator to Guinea after dozens of pro-democracy demonstrators were killed by security forces last week, officials said.

France, Syria agree to improve ties

DAMASCUS, Syria, July 12 (UPI) -- The office of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Sunday the leader reached a deal aimed at improving ties between his country and France.

Kouchner: Israel divided on settlements

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 11 (UPI) -- Disagreements within the Israeli government are preventing a plan to stop the building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, France's foreign minister says.

Kouchner facilitating Lebanese government

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 10 (UPI) -- Paris hopes to facilitate the development of the next Lebanese government but respects national sovereignty, the French foreign minister said.

Two ministers fail in cease-fire effort

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, April 30 (UPI) -- The French and British foreign ministers say they have failed to negotiate a cease-fire in Sri Lanka.

EU calls for 48-hour cease-fire in Gaza

PARIS, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Foreign ministers from the European Union called for a 48-hour cease-fire in Gaza following a meeting Tuesday evening in Paris.

European Union may investigate S. Ossetia

AVIGNON, France, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Saturday the European Union may investigate the conflict in the Georgian region of South Ossetia.

West worried Georgia crisis is expanding

BERLIN, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- Leaders in Europe are concerned that Russia's military campaign in Georgia may be repeated in other countries of the region.

EU sanctions against Russia?

BERLIN, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- The crisis over Georgia intensifies, with the European Union for the first time mulling sanctions against Russia after Moscow recognized the Georgian breakaway provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. Observers predict a period of icy East-West relations.
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Germany Correspondent

Dalai Lama blasts China on French trip

ROQUEREDONDE, France, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, touring France, says China is continuing its political crackdown in Tibet during the Beijing Summer Olympics.
Georgia accuses Russia of ethnic cleansing

Georgia accuses Russia of ethnic cleansing

TBILISI, Georgia, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Monday accused Russian forces of "ethnic cleansing" in Abkhazia, another breakaway region with ties to Russia.

Kouchner calls for enhancing security

VIENNA, July 17 (UPI) -- France's foreign minister Thursday called on the international community to enhance security efforts in Central Asia and increase engagement in Afghanistan.

Kouchner: Algeria becoming dangerous

ALGIERS, Algeria, June 11 (UPI) -- French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says Algerian government inaction makes it hard for French companies to feel safe in Algeria after al-Qaida attacks.

Dozen die in 2 Algeria blasts

BENI AMRANE, Algeria, June 8 (UPI) -- Two bombs exploded minutes apart at a train station in Beni Amrane, Algeria, Sunday, killing at least 12 people, authorities said.
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