Israeli arrested for joining Syrian rebels

JERUSALEM, April 10 (UPI) -- Authorities said they have arrested an Israeli Arab man for illegally entering Syria and fighting with the Global Jihad rebel group.

Israel arrests Temple Mount suspects

JERUSALEM, April 7 (UPI) -- Israel said Sunday it had cracked a reputed terrorist ring responsible for a recent firebombing on the Temple Mount.

Synagogue vandalized in West Bank

MITZPE YERIHO, West Bank, April 4 (UPI) -- Vandals broke into a synagogue in an Israeli settlement on the West Bank early Thursday, damaging a Torah scroll and breaking furniture, officials said.

Eight arrested in Arctic drilling protest

JERUSALEM, March 21 (UPI) -- Eight environmental activists were arrested in Israel Thursday after they chained themselves to a bridge to demand President Obama stop Arctic drilling.

Palestinians march to back hunger strike

BEITOUNIA, West Bank, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Palestinians gathered in the West Bank town of Beitounia Thursday to march to Israel's Ofer military prison to show support for prisoner hunger strikes.

IAEA denies Fordow blast

VIENNA, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- The International Atomic Energy Agency has denied reports an explosion last week damaged the Iranian uranium enrichment site in Fordow.

Settlers, Palestinians clash in West Bank

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- Israeli settlers and Palestinians clashed Saturday near the outpost of Esh Kodesh in the West Bank, the Israeli military said.

Israel-Egypt security fence nearly done

JERUSALEM, Jan. 2 (UPI) -- Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said a security fence nearly completed along the nation's Egyptian border is a major step forward.
Leaders speak out on Christmas

Leaders speak out on Christmas

Spanish King Juan Carlos addressed the country's recession during his annual Christmas speech, saying austerity measures should not compromise social rights.
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Clashes erupt in Hebron over teen shooting

HEBRON, West Bank, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- Five people were hurt Thursday in Israeli-Palestinian clashes in Hebron, West Bank, as Palestinians protested the fatal shooting of a teen by Israeli soldiers.
Hamas film to portray capture of Shalit

Hamas film to portray capture of Shalit

GAZA, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- A film about the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was scheduled for broadcast on Hamas television in Gaza Thursday night, Hamas officials said.

Blanks fired at French synagogue

ARGENTEUIL, France, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- An unknown number of attackers fired blank bullets at a synagogue in Argenteuil, France, witnesses said.

Jewish holiday Sukkot begins

JERUSALEM, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- Markets in Israel bustled over the weekend as people gathered materials to prepare for the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

Hitler clothing store to get new name

AHMEDABAD, India, Sept. 4 (UPI) -- The co-owner of a clothing shop in India named Hitler said he will change the name of his store due to political pressure and protests.

Company uses Hitler video to sell shampoo

ANKARA, Turkey, March 26 (UPI) -- The Anti-Defamation League, based in New York, is criticizing a Turkish company for using video of Adolf Hitler to sell shampoo.

P.A.-Israel negotiations break down

AMMAN, Jordan, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Low-level negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel have fallen apart over P.A. demands, observers said.
Jordan's King warns Abbas against U.N. bid

Jordan's King warns Abbas against U.N. bid

AMMAN, Jordan, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- King Abdullah of Jordan advised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to reconsider next month's planned statehood bid at the United Nations, al-Madina reported.
Reporter tries to arrest Israeli official

Reporter tries to arrest Israeli official

BRUSSELS, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- A free-lance reporter was ejected from a Brussels press conference after he confronted Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, officials said.
WikiLeaks: Egypt focused on Israel as foe

WikiLeaks: Egypt focused on Israel as foe

WASHINGTON, Dec. 31 (UPI) -- Despite a decades-old peace treaty, Egypt views Israel as its main military threat, frustrating U.S. diplomats, documents released by WikiLeaks indicate.

Mitchell back in Israel

JERUSALEM, April 22 (UPI) -- U.S. Special Envoy George Mitchell landed in Israel Thursday, reportedly for meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

3,000-year-old Hebrew text found in Israel

KHIRBET QEIYAFA, Israel, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- An Israeli archaeologist says he discovered the oldest known Hebrew text on a pottery shard dating from the time of biblical King David 3,000 years ago.

Jerusalem seminary attacked

JERUSALEM, March 6 (UPI) -- At least eight people died when two gunmen entered a rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire, officials said.

U.N. nuclear inspectors arrive in Tehran

TEHRAN, July 11 (UPI) -- The Israeli military said as U.N. inspectors arrived in Iran that the Islamic country may be able to produce nuclear weapons within six months.

Olmert says he won't quit

JERUSALEM, May 1 (UPI) -- A top Israeli politician quit his government post Tuesday and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whom he said had lost Israel's trust.
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