U.S. welcomes Congo's call for dialogue

WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 (UPI) -- The Democratic Republic of Congo's call for a dialogue to resolve underlying conflicts in eastern Congo was welcomed, the U.S. State Department said Monday.

Iraq increases world's number of refugees

UNITED NATIONS, June 20 (UPI) -- The world's refugee population grew by 14 percent last year, largely due to people fleeing the war in Iraq, said a U.N. report released Wednesday.

U.N.: 4 million Iraq refugees are ignored

GENEVA, Switzerland, April 17 (UPI) -- The United Nations' top refugee official in Switzerland said 4 million Iraqi refugees are being "abandoned" by the international community.

U.S. to accept more Iraqi refugees

WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- The U.S. State Department says it hopes to take 7,000 Iraqi refugees into the United States over the course of the year.

Darfur crisis a regional 'earthquake'

KHARTOUM, Sudan, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- Sudan's war-torn Darfur region is the "epicenter of a major earthquake" that could devastate regional peace, a United Nations official said Saturday.

20 Sudanese die in Egyptian camp

CAIRO, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- A protest Friday in a migrant camp in Cairo, which Egyptian riot police tried to break up, resulted in the deaths of at least 20 Sudanese migrants.

U.N. notes Afghan election success

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 28 (UPI) -- The U.N. Security Council congratulated Afghanistan on the formal acceptance of election results that will seat a new parliament.

U.N. welcomes Romania refugee decision

GENEVA, Switzerland, July 28 (UPI) -- The U.N. refugee agency said it was grateful to Romania for agreeing to temporarily house a group of Uzbek refugees until they can be permanently settled.

U.N.:Boost efforts to combat radicalism

UNITED NATIONS, July 21 (UPI) -- The new U.N. refugee agency chief wants governments, civil society and the media to step up efforts to encourage open-mindedness and combat radicalism.

Worldwide refugee numbers at 25-year low

UNITED NATIONS, June 17 (UPI) -- The U.N. refugee agency says the global number of refugees has dropped to its lowest point in nearly 25 years.

U.N. gives short list for refugee chief

UNITED NATIONS, March 24 (UPI) -- The United Nations has released a short list of eight candidates to replace Ruud Lubbers as U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.
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