Iraqis in Washington to discuss transition

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- President Bush Tuesday hosted an Iraqi delegation at the White House led by Governing Council President Adnan Pachachi to discuss Iraq's new government.

Saddam not to be tried until summer

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- Saddam Hussein will not be tried until Iraq is in the hands of Iraqis, U.S. Secretary of State Colin said Monday.

U.S. scrambling on Iraq transition plan

WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- U.S.-Iraq Civilian Administrator Paul Bremer returned to Washington Friday to discuss how to meet a July 1 deadline for turning over Iraq to Iraqis.

Iraqis march to demand direct elections

BASRA, Iraq, Jan. 15 (UPI) -- Thousands of Iraqis in the southern city of Basra staged peaceful demonstrations for direct electionsThursday.

Frustration, clashes rise in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Angry Iraqi demonstrators confronted Ukrainian army tanks and police in Kut for a second day, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Iraqi Shiite leader insists on elections

BAGHDAD, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- Iraq's Shiite spiritual leader Ali Sistani has insisted Saturday on the need to hold general elections to represent the Iraqi people in a National Council.

Iraqi council sides with U.S., not cleric

BAGHDAD, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- A majority of Iraq's U.S.-appointed Governing Council is supporting a U.S. plan to select a provisional government and disavowing a Muslim cleric's advice.

Iraq election plans stepped up

BAGHDAD, Nov. 28 (UPI) -- The United States is once again revising plans to conduct elections in Iraq to satisfy a powerful religious leader, the Washington Post reported Friday.

Cleric makes Iraq election demands

NAJAF, Iraq, Nov. 27 (UPI) -- The religious head of Iraq's Shiite Muslim majority Thursday demanded full elections for all Iraqi political bodies, unlike the U.S.-led coalition's plans.

Muslim Politics 4: Different Khomeini

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- Editor's note: In this fourth installment of the UPI series on the compatibility of Islam and democracy, columnist Derk Kinnane Roelofsma relates astonishing vi

Najaf, Part 1 -- the Shiite Vatican

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 (UPI) -- Editor's note: This is the first installment of a UPI series on the theological and political significance of Najaf, the holiest city of Shi'a Islam and scene o

Iraq high cleric condemns U.S. plans

BAGHDAD, June 30 (UPI) -- Iraq's highest religious leader Monday issued a religious ruling, or fatwa, opposing U.S. plans to set up a council of Iraqis to draft a new constitution. Instead, Shia cleric Ayatollah Ali Sistani called for general elections to choose representatives of

Iraqi cleric calls for self-rule

BAGHDAD, June 23 (UPI) -- A senior religious leader in Iraq is calling for an end to the occupation by U.S. forces, the Washington Post reported Monday.
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Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Husayni al-Sistani Arabic: السيد علي الحسيني السيستاني‎ Persian: سید علی حسینی سیستانی, born approximately August 4, 1930) is the current highest-ranking Shi'a religious scholar in Iraq who lead the Hawza of Najaf. He is a Grand Ayatollah and Twelver Shi'a marja born in Iran and residing in Iraq since 1951. He is currently the preeminent Shi'a cleric for Shia in Iraq and around the world as well as an important political figure in Post-invasion Iraq.

Sistani was born in Mashhad, Iran, to a family of religious scholars. His grandfather, for whom he was named, was a famous scholar who had studied in Najaf. Sistani's family originally comes from Isfahan. During the Safavid period, his forefather Sayyid Mohammad, was appointed as "Shaikhul Islam" (Leading Authority of Islam) by King Hussain in the Sistan province. He traveled to Sistan where he and his children settled the area of Iran known as Sistan, which accounts for the title "al-Sistani" in his great grandson's name today. Sistani began his religious education as a child, beginning in Mashhad, and moving on to study at the Shi'a holy city of Qom in central Iran in 1949. After spending a few years there, in 1951 he went to Iraq to study in Najaf under the late Grand Ayatollah Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei. Sistani rose in religious rank to be named a Marja in 1960 under the military dictatorship of Iraqi president Abd al-Karim Qasim. At the unusually young age of 31 (1961) Ayatullah Sistani reached the senior level of accomplishment called Ijtehad, which entitled him to pass his own judgments on religious questions.

When Khoei died in 1992, Sistani ascended to the rank of Grand Ayatollah by the traditional method - through peer recognition of his scholarship. His role as successor to Khoei was symbolically cemented when he lead the funeral prayers of his widely esteemed teacher and he would go on to inherit Khoei's network and following. With the death of other leading ayatollahs in Iraq including Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr, Sistani emerged as the preeminent Shi'a cleric in Iraq. As the leading Ayatollah in Najaf, Sistani oversees sums amounting to millions of dollars. Sistani's followers offer him a fixed part of their earnings, which he spends for educational and charitable purposes. Sistani's office reports that he supports 35,000 students in Qom, 10,000 in Mashhad, and 4,000 in Isfahan. He also oversees a network of representatives (wakil) "who promote his view in large and small ways in neighborhoods, mosques, bazaars, and seminaries from Kirkuk" to Basra.

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