Ivory Coast not ready for elections, U.N. says

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Ivory Coast needs to address serious political issues before moving ahead with presidential elections in October, a U.N. special adviser said.

U.N. rights export probes reconciliation in Ivory Coast

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Doudou Diene, a Senegalese jurist working on human rights in Ivory Coast for the United Nations, said he was looking into reconciliation efforts in the country.

Obama sees Ivory Coast as lingering threat

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- Ivory Coast still poses an "unusual" threat to U.S. national security despite gains made since political crises in 2011, President Barack Obama said.

Ivory Coast lacks justice ahead of 2015 vote

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- With elections set for 2015, an Ivory Coast human rights advocate said justice has yet to be served for violence that erupted during the 2010 presidential race.

Ivorian reconciliation slow to develop

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Human rights officials said Ivory Coast is commended for trying to repair old wounds but the process is exceedingly slow to produce results.
HRW hails Ivorian post-election crisis investigation

HRW hails Ivorian post-election crisis investigation

PARIS, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Human Rights Watch applauded a decision by the government of Ivory Coast to renew a mandate for a unit tasked with investigating post-election violence in 2011.

Ivorian justice slow, rights group says

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Oct. 23 (UPI) -- Ivorian authorities need a coherent strategy to fight a culture of impunity prevalent since a post-election crisis in 2010, a rights group said from Abidjan.

Ivory Coast frees Gbagbo-era officials

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Aug. 7 (UPI) -- A decision by authorities in Ivory Coast to free officials close to former President Laurent Gbagbo helps with reconciliation, a U.N. official said.

Ivory Coast pressed on post-conflict justice

UNITED NATIONS, July 31 (UPI) -- Human Rights Watch said Wednesday the government in Ivory Coast needs to stand by its commitments to address a legacy of violence and impunity.

Post-conflict Ivory Coast remains on edge

UNITED NATIONS, July 19 (UPI) -- Ivory Coast has made significant progress since teetering on the verge of civil war in 2010 but remains at risk of returning to violence, a U.N. envoy said.

Ivorian security plagued by corruption

PARIS, July 1 (UPI) -- Security in Ivory Coast is plagued by corruption more than two years after the country was pushed to the brink of civil war, Human Rights Watch said.

Ivory Coast remains fragmented, envoy says

GENEVA, Switzerland, June 12 (UPI) -- The political culture in Ivory Coast remains fragmented despite democratic progress made since contentious 2010 elections, a U.N. rights envoy said.

ICC denies challenge from Laurent Gbagbo

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, June 11 (UPI) -- The International Criminal Court said Tuesday it rejected a challenge to the admissibility of the case against former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo.

France warns of terrorists in Ivory Coast

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, June 1 (UPI) -- French anti-terrorism officials are warning travelers and diplomats in Ivory Coast to beware of a growing jihadist threat in the country.

Focus on politics problems would help Ivory Coast recovery

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 21 (UPI) -- Long-term recovery in Ivory Coast would be supported by focusing on the country's political problems, Human Rights Watch said.

U.S. warns of violence in Ivory Coast

WASHINGTON, May 17 (UPI) -- The security situation in Ivory Coast could quickly deteriorate despite recent security gains, the U.S. State Department warned.

U.N.: Ivorian military officers smuggling cocoa 'warlord-style'

UNITED NATIONS, April 30 (UPI) -- "Warlord-style predatory economic activities" of ex-Ivory Coast rebel leaders integrated into the military include smuggling cocoa beans, a U.N. report said.

Local elections set for Ivory Coast, Gbagbo supporters to sit out

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, April 20 (UPI) -- Members of former President Laurent Gbagbo's party say they will sit out when Ivory Coast voters go to the polls for this weekend's local elections.

Ivory Coast wants surveillance drones

UNITED NATIONS, April 17 (UPI) -- If peacekeepers leave Ivory Coast, national protection should be bolstered by the use of surveillance drones, the Ivorian envoy to the United Nations said.

Ivory Coast littered with weapons

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, April 16 (UPI) -- Ivory Coast is still flush with weapons more than two years after an end to post-election conflict, a researcher from Amnesty International said.

HRW: Ivorian justice lacks balance

NAIROBI, Kenya, April 11 (UPI) -- None of the forces in an Ivorian military unit created by President Alassane Ouattara have faced trial for post-election abuses, Human Rights Watch said.

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Ivorian justice troubles rights group

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, April 4 (UPI) -- Ivory Coast isn't living up to its commitments to hold all parties to post-election violence accountable for their crimes, Human Rights Watch said Thursday.

Ivory Coast looks to China for support

DURBAN, South Africa, March 29 (UPI) -- African countries like Ivory Coast need the support of the Chinese government to advance economic and political goals, the Ivorian president said.

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