Slow progress in Israel-Turkey talks threatens gas pipeline plan

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 2 (UPI) -- The pace of the supposed rapprochement between onetime strategic allies Israel and Turkey is almost glacial, casting doubts on the prospect the Jewish state may build a $2 billion gas pipeline under the eastern Mediterranean to feed the European market.

U.S., Turkey to announce global anti-terrorism fund

NEW YORK, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- U.S. officials hope a $200 million fund will be effective in stemming extremism by eroding jihadists' ideological and recruiting appeal in havens for terrorists.

Turkey says Israel must do more

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Israel must do more to normalize ties with Turkey, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.

Turkey warns Syria's Assad likely stalling for time

ANKARA, Turkey, Sept. 14 (UPI) -- Turkey's foreign minister urged the world not to become indifferent to the suffering in Syria amid the debate over chemical weapons.
U.S. officials in flurry of talks on Syria

U.S. officials in flurry of talks on Syria

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- U.S. officials held a flurry of talks internally and with allies about possible military action against Syria amid charges of deadly chemical weapons attacks.
France calls for 'force' if Syria used chemical weapons

France calls for 'force' if Syria used chemical weapons

PARIS, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Thursday called for the use of force against Syria if claims chemical weapons were used against civilians are confirmed.
Iran, Russia say stance on Syrian weapons biased

Iran, Russia say stance on Syrian weapons biased

TEHRAN, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- Syrian rebels likely carried out a chemical weapons attack near Damascus as a way to court favor from the international community, the Iranian government alleged.

Turkey focuses on energy during Kurdish talks

ANKARA, Turkey, Aug. 1 (UPI) -- The Turkish government said it discussed common interests in the regional energy sector with visiting delegates from Kurdish administration in northern Iraq.

Kurds concerned about Islamist groups near Iraqi autonomous zone

ANKARA, Turkey, July 31 (UPI) -- The top official of an autonomous Kurdish zone in northern Iraq says the possible control of neighboring regions by Islamic militants is a major concern.

Turkey opens dialogue with Iraqi, Syrian Kurds

ANKARA, Turkey, July 30 (UPI) -- Kurdish leaders in northern Syria and Iraq are meeting with the Turkish government to hash out a plan for dealing with ongoing violence in the region.

Turkey vows to respond to Syrian threats

ANKARA, Turkey, July 19 (UPI) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday that Turkey will immediately retaliate to any threats from Syria.

Turkey warns Armenia over claims for long-lost land

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 18 (UPI) -- Turkey's foreign minister has warned Armenian officials to "know the limits" of their attempts to regain land lost 100 years ago to Ottoman forces.
Turkey, U.S. speeding up talks on giving arms to Syrian rebels

Turkey, U.S. speeding up talks on giving arms to Syrian rebels

ANKARA, Turkey, June 21 (UPI) -- Turkey and the United States say they have accelerated talks on how to deliver arms to Syrian rebels since Washington decided to supply them with military aid.

City police, not riot police, burned protest tents in Istanbul park

ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 20 (UPI) -- Five people, including four Istanbul, Turkey, municipal police officers, have been suspended for burning protesters' tents in Gezi Park, officials say.

Syrian refugees in Turkey reach 200,000

ANKARA, Turkey, June 14 (UPI) -- The number of Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in their homeland to Turkey has grown to more than 200,000, Turkish officials said.
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Ahmet Davutoglu
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu meets with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on September 12, 2009 in Presidential office in Tehran, Iran. UPI/STR

Professor Ahmet Davutoğlu (Turkish pronunciation: ; born 26 February 1959) is a Turkish political scientist, an academic and an ambassador. On May 1, 2009, he was named Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey after being the chief advisor to the Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey.

Ahmet Davutoğlu was born in Konya, Turkey. He graduated from İstanbul Erkek Lisesi, which is a Deutsche Auslandsschule (German International school) and studied at the Department of Economics and Political Science of the Boğaziçi University, İstanbul. He holds a masters degree in Public Administration and a PhD degree in Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University. Between 1993 and 1999 he worked at the Marmara University and became a full professor in 1999. He was the chairman of the Department of International Relations at Beykent University in Istanbul, Turkey.

He is a father of four and his wife is a medical doctor.

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