Jakarta mail bomber gets 18 years in jail

JAKARTA, March 6 (UPI) -- A Jakarta court sentenced the mastermind of a two-year bombing campaign to 18 years in prison on terrorism charges.

Jakarta: Bashir sentenced, Tholut in court

JAKARTA, June 20 (UPI) -- The trial of another suspected rebel leader began in Jakarta only days after hard-line cleric Abu Bakar Bashir was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Jakarta prosecutors demand life for Bashir

JAKARTA, May 10 (UPI) -- Prosecutors in Jakarta demanded a life sentence for terrorism defendant and radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for allegedly financing a rebel training camp.

Life term sought for accused terrorist

JAKARTA, May 9 (UPI) -- Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir should be sentenced to life in prison for his role in a military-type training camp in Aceh, Indonesia, prosecutors said Monday.

Abu Bakar back in an Indonesian court

JAKARTA, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- Terrorist suspect Abu Bakar Bashir denied in a Jakarta court all allegations against him, including raising and giving thousands of dollars to other terrorist suspects.

Indonesian cleric denies leading terror

JAKARTA, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- An extremist Muslim preacher in Indonesia has admitted running a training camp but says the terror case against him is trumped up.

Indonesia holds cleric on terrorism charge

JAKARTA, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- Radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir could face a death sentence after Indonesian police formally charged him with inciting terrorism.

Aceh cell eyed Western targets?

JAKARTA, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- Several militants tied to an al-Qaida cell in Indonesia discussed planning attacks on foreign embassies in the country, a counter-terrorism official said.

Lawyer questions evidence against cleric

JAKARTA, Aug. 10 (UPI) -- Evidence against a radical Muslim cleric accused of plotting terrorism in Indonesia was fabricated, his lawyer says.

Indonesian police arrest cleric Bashir

JAKARTA, Aug. 10 (UPI) -- Police in Indonesia have a week to formally charge the arrested radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir who is detained on terror charges.

Police: JI leader Bashir had 'connections'

JAKARTA, Aug. 9 (UPI) -- Indonesian police announced Monday the arrest of radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for allegedly supporting an Aceh cell of al-Qaida affiliate Jemaah Islamiyah.

Radical cleric forms group in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- The militant former head of the Indonesian Mujahedin Council has announced the forming of a new hard-line organization.

Indonesian militant leader resigns

JAKARTA, Aug. 7 (UPI) -- The militant head of the Indonesian Mujahedin Council announced plans to resign from his post Wednesday.

Australia defiant in face of threats

SYDNEY, March 25 (UPI) -- Australia's foreign minister said, in response to a cleric's call for violence, his government enjoys strong relations on counter-terrorism with Indonesia.

Cleric cleared in Indonesia bomb cases

JAKARTA, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- An Indonesian court cleared a militant Muslim cleric of involvement in a pair of terrorist bombings.
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Abu Bakar Bashir (also Abubakar Ba'asyir, Abdus Somad, and Ustad Abu ("Teacher Abu"), born 17 August, 1938, is an Indonesian Muslim cleric and leader of the Indonesian Mujahedeen Council (MMI).

He runs the Al-Mukmin boarding school in Ngruki, Central Java which he co-founded with Abdullah Sungkar in 1972. He was in exile in Malaysia for 17 years during the secular New Order administration of the President of Indonesia Suharto resulting from various activities, including urging the implementation of Sharia law.

Intelligence agencies and the United Nations claim he is the spiritual head of Jemaah Islamiyah (also known as JI) and has links with Al-Qaeda. Bashir, however, denies connections with Jemaah Islamiyah or terrorism stating he does not believe Jemaah Islamiyah exists.

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