U.S. Treasury Department designates two Indonesians as terrorists

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 (UPI) -- The U.S. Treasury Department said Wednesday it has banned Americans from doing business with two men from Indonesia associated with terrorist groups.

Afghan head lists abuses by U.S. forces

KABUL, Afghanistan, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Afghan officials said they demanded U.S. Special Operations forces leave Wardak province because NATO ignored allegations of abuse by the elite troops.

Aide killed on Sadr's return to Iraq

NAJAF, Iraq, April 14 (UPI) -- Gunmen assassinated a senior aide to Moqtada Sadr in Najaf, Iraq, following the cleric's secret return to Iraq under Iranian orders, a report says.

Terror suspects arrested in Pakistan

LAHORE , Pakistan, March 7 (UPI) -- Pakistani police in the city of Lahore said they have arrested three men accused of planning suicide attacks on behalf of an illegal militant group.

Egypt collapse death toll reaches 8

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Dec. 25 (UPI) -- The death toll from a building collapse near Alexandria, Egypt, has risen to eight with three people injured.

Saudi Arabia claims al Qaida official dead

ABU DHABI, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 16 (UPI) -- Saudi Arabia has said it killed a senior member of the al Qaida terrorist network, the Middle East Newsline reported Saturday.

Jordan's Islamists protest arrests

AMMAN, Jordan, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- Jordan's Islamic movement Saturday threatened to take the government to court following a wave of arrests of Islamic leaders in the kingdom.

Illegal Egyptian immigrants die from heat

CAIRO, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- Security sources said Sunday two illegal Egyptian immigrants died and 18 others were injured from excessive heat after being deported by Libyan authorities.

Sadr lieutenant captured in Najaf

WASHINGTON, May 26 (UPI) -- U.S. forces captured a "key lieutenant" of a rebellious Shi'ite cleric in Najaf, Iraq, Tuesday, a U.S. official said Wednesday.

Iraqi cleric sought for arrest

WASHINGTON, April 5 (UPI) -- The U.S-led coalition said Monday it will arrest a fiery young Shiite cleric for the murder of a powerful muslim leader last year.

Jordan concerned over Iraqi claims

AMMAN, Jordan, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Jordanian officials voiced concern Sunday about reported claims that Iraq intends to annex the kingdom.