[VIDEO] New Zealand streaker tackled by chicken mascot

Posted By KATE STANTON, UPI.com   |   June 5, 2013 at 9:17 PM

A streaker interrupted a weekend rugby game between the Otago Highlanders and the Auckland Blues only to be brought down by a man in a chicken costume, New Zealand's 3 News reported Monday.

"I noticed a streaker on the field and thought immediately, 'This is no good, It's our stadium and we've got to protect it,'" said Andrew James, who plays the Highlanders' mascot, A.J. the Chicken. "So I gave it my all, gunned it for the streaker and managed to chase him down."

''I'm actually a football player, so I was absolutely thrilled. I had my first tackle ever stopping a streaker at a Highlanders game.'' he told the Otago Daily Times.

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