Man proposes to girlfriend via Pictionary cue card

Updated March 12, 2013 at 5:10 PM
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Reddit user justmli prepared the perfect "Pictionary Proposal" by rigging the game in order to get his girlfriend to pick a card that read "Marry Me." While playing Pictionary with friends, he popped the question as if guessing from his girlfriend's drawing and after she said, "yes" to both guess and proposal, he told the entire story on imgur through pictures.

Here's how it went.

A special Pictionary card: Using Photoshop and a lot of his time justmli created a card that read "Marry Me" and made it an "all play" item.

CREDIT: justmli via imgur

The Proposal: As his girlfriend started drawing, everyone started guessing and he shouted a lot of fake answers like “ring!”, “propose!”, “marry!”, “getting engaged!” He was already on his knees when he eventually shouted "Marry Me!" She said "Yeah!" excited that someone had guessed the word. He then held the ring out and asked "Will you marry me?"

CREDIT: justmli via imgur

Success!: After a few seconds of confusion she responded, "Yes!"

CREDIT: justmli via imgur

Her Drawing: The couple is saving the picture for posterity.

CREDIT: justmli via imgur
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