Skimpy Beckham ad (strip) teases new H&M bodywear line

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY, UPI.com   |   Updated Feb. 6, 2013 at 3:58 PM
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David Beckham has a penchant for stripping down to his skivvies, and for that, the world is grateful.

Teasing a new line of bodywear for H&M, the soccer star and hawker of manties released several photos and a video on his Facebook page.

Directed by Guy Ritchie, the short film shows a be-slippered Beckham running through Beverley Hills, chasing after his bathrobe caught in the door of his wife's departing Range Rover.

In the video, Beckham leaps over fences, trots through a kids' pickup soccer game, slides over the hood of a paparazzi's car and swims the length of a pool surrounded bikini-clad models. Nobody seems surprised, or even excited to see him sprint by, the joke being that a half-naked Beckham sprinting through the streets is an everyday sight. (A truck full of tourists on a movie star home tour do dutifully aims their cameras at Beckham when he pauses for a breath.)

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