Daniel Day-Lewis pulls a Clint Eastwood at the Britannia Awards

Posted By KATE STANTON, UPI.com   |   Nov. 8, 2012 at 2:22 PM

It seems so long ago that Clint Eastwood made America's day by chatting up an empty chair at the Republican National Convention, an incident that snowballed into the inevitable internet meme known at "eastwooding." But in the wake of President Barack Obama's decisive Electoral College victory, one of Eastwood's colleagues couldn't resist a crack at the 82-year-old actor's baffling conversation with an invisible Barack Obama.

I'm so extremely grateful and glad that taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently re-elected president of this country was able to make it here tonight," BAFTA honoree Daniel Day-Lewis said at Wednesday night's Britannia Awards as he gestured to an empty chair on the side of the stage.

"This is no satirical comment on [Clint Eastwood] or his politics," Day-Lewis explained. "But I have to say, when I saw him talking to a chair in front of a room full of strangers, I thought, I've got to try that. That's a challenge."

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