Nicole Debevec

March 02, 2014
Despite indications that his bill was DOA, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp introduced draft legislation that would reform the byzantine -- some say draconian -- U.S. tax code.
February 16, 2014
Political memory sure has been aided and abetted by the Internet, where nothing really is deleted, removed or otherwise pulled out of the public arena.
February 09, 2014
Congressional Republican leadership signaled last week that passage of comprehensive reform of the U.S. immigration laws is on life support.
February 09, 2014
So what is the Republicans' plan concerning raising the U.S. debt limit the Treasury Department says must be raised by the end of the month or risk default?
February 02, 2014
President Obama said he's willing to work with Congress but won't be hesitant to go it alone to advance his 2014 agenda, telling recalcitrant lawmakers he won't be twiddling his thumbs if they dawdle or fail to act for whatever reason.
January 19, 2014
It's a new year and a mid-term election year to boot. Stalwarts of both parties will be seeing the capital in their rear-view mirrors one final time when their terms end.
January 05, 2014
Taxpaying residents in states expanding Medicaid coverage to accommodate the sweeping 2010 healthcare reform law could see a return on their investments of up to $5.11 for every additional dollar in income taxes they'll pay to fund the Affordable Care Act, a report found.