Marcella S. Kreiter

March 23, 2014
No job, no money and no prospects for the situation to change any time soon. That's what's facing the more than 2 million long-term unemployed Americans whose extended unemployment benefits began expiring just after Christmas.
March 16, 2014
Could it be? An actual deal in the works to reinstitute the extended unemployment benefits that expired just after Christmas?
March 02, 2014
U.S. President Barack Obama may have declared 2014 a year of action in his State of the Union address but lawmakers last week moved quickly after returning from their recess to knock down expectations.
February 23, 2014
Friday marks two full months since 1.3 million long-term unemployed lost their extended benefits and their numbers have swelled by 576,000 since.
February 16, 2014
Could that have been a real-life "House of Cards" playing itself out in Congress last week when lawmakers approved a year-long suspension of the debt limit and restored military pension cost-of-living cuts with a minimum of fuss and bother?
February 09, 2014
Healthcare reform is either an economic engine that will lead to an increase in jobs and reduction in the U.S. budget deficit or it's a disincentive for people to work and companies to hire employees, and will drag down the economy.
February 02, 2014
U.S. President Barack Obama last week upped his game, throwing down the gauntlet to Congress by saying if lawmakers refused to act, he would do what he could through executive order to boost wages, create jobs and help the hard-pressed middle class claw its way to prosperity.
January 26, 2014
It's little more than a year since thousands took to U.S. streets decrying the disparity between those in the 1 percent of the population that controls a third of the nation's wealth and months since fast food and other minimum wage workers demonstrated demanding a $15 minimum wage.
January 19, 2014
Whether Americans ever truly trusted their government is an open question but things began going rapidly downhill in the 1960s and 1970s amid the upheavals of the civil rights era and Vietnam.
January 12, 2014
The surprising Christmas agreement that produced the first federal budget resolution in years may have lulled the casual observer into thinking Washington pols were ready to shut up and play nice.
January 05, 2014
It's that time of the year again when everyone virtuously swears to lose weight, get into shape and eat healthier.