Harlan Ullman

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March 09, 2015
A real revolution in military affairs for the United States is urgently needed. That revolution must start with the civilian side of the government, not the Pentagon.
March 04, 2015
In the highly complex and complicated fight against the Islamic State (IS), are fact and reality being distorted or ignored by the White House either because of lack of understanding of the conflict or other human error and misjudgment?
February 18, 2015
A new foreign policy approach is vitally needed. Yet, who will heed this logic and lead in crafting effective rather than "sound-bite" driven strategies?
February 15, 2015
WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 (UPI) --This morning, a legend and giant in journalism died. There will be no more like him. Arnaud de Borchgrave would have been 89 this fall.
February 11, 2015
It appears that the United States, possibly with NATO allies, may soon embark on providing arms to Ukraine to help Kiev counter Russian and separatist aggression in the east.
January 14, 2015
Until blasphemies against Islam perpetrated by those who use terror in the name of Allah are rejected both within and outside Islam, the violence will not end.
January 04, 2015
Isn't it about time that America won a war? Some observe that every war the U.S. started, it lost: Vietnam, the war on terror, Afghanistan and the Iraq war.
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