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Taking the pulse of Healthcare.

For the next coming months UPI will be featuring a unique series of videos focusing on individuals and organizations that have been directly affected by the recent passing of healthcare reform legislation. Because healthcare reform is an issue that affects us all, we want you, the viewer, to be a part of the story as well.

If you have a webcam we invite you to the use the player to the right of each feature to record your video comment. When you are finished recording a thumbnail with your message will appear in the queue. Be sure to come back and see what others had to say.

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Saying goodbye to the 63 day gap
Episode 1: Saying goodbye to the 63 day gap.
Small Business and Health Care Reform
Episode 2: Small Business and Health Care Reform.
Small Business and Health Care Reform
Episode 3: Small Business and Part-Time Workers.

Video Features

People with disabilities give guns another shot
College students fire up for gun team
The State of the Union: Jobs, health care, taxes
Haitian patients line up at makeshift med clinic
Earthquake, then aftershock level Haitian town
Help arrives for injured Haitians
Food, medical care top concerns for Haitians
U.S. military delivers aid to Haiti
Flying over Haiti
Haitian-American Marines put mission first
Troops get ready for mission in Haiti
USS Bataan sailor loses relatives in earthquake
USS Bataan captain preps for Haiti relief efforts
Heading to Haiti: The latest from the USS Bataan
Filling an empty nest
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