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Xi Jinping promises to implement reforms in 2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping in his New Year address promised to make "new strides" on the path of reform and opening up the country.

China says it is ready to advance ties with U.S.

China will work toward further advancing ties with the United States in the New Year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.
Fireworks, parades worldwide celebrate the new year

Fireworks, parades worldwide celebrate the new year

Fireworks filled the skies from Australia to Greece, Scotland and beyond Tuesday as the world celebrated New Year's Eve.
By United Press International

Canadian hockey mom dies of beating injuries inflicted during robbery

A Canadian hockey mom has died after being beaten during an apparent botched holdup outside an ice arena, Surrey police said Tuesday.

Mauritania seeks to end slavery with creation of special court

Mauritania, the last country in the world to abolish slavery, will prosecute those in the slavery trade, a judicial committee announced.

Woman critically injured in stag attack in Scotland

A woman was severely injured when a male deer charged at her and gored her in the throat with his antlers in Scotland's Highlands, authorities said.

Talks in Northern Ireland on political violence end with no resolution

Marathon talks in Northern Ireland on issues such as sectarian parades and national flags ended early Tuesday with no agreement, officials said.

Rocket strikes bus in Aleppo, Syria, killing at least 25

A rocket struck a bus in Aleppo, Syria, Tuesday, killing at least 25 people, an opposition organization said.

North Korea says first public ski resort ready for business

North Korea said Tuesday construction has been completed on its first public ski resort, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the nation's capital.
Helicopter rescue planned for passengers aboard antarctic ship

Helicopter rescue planned for passengers aboard antarctic ship

Passengers and crew of a scientific research ship trapped in antarctic ice for a week ice stayed upbeat, they said Tuesday, as they awaited a helicopter rescue.

CAR violence victimizing children at 'unprecedented' levels

Children in the Central African Republic are victims of "unprecedented" levels of violence, with at least 16 killed and 60 wounded in unrest there, UNICEF says.

Five activists released in Myanmar amnesty program

Myanmar released five people Tuesday as part of a pledge by President Thein Sein to free all political prisoners by the end of year, an advocacy group says.

Three soldiers killed in suicide bombing in Yemen

A car loaded with explosives rammed the gate of Yemen's security headquarters Tuesday morning, while a second car was stopped and its occupants arrested.

Bahrain charges religious figures to condemn terrorist acts

Religious figures must unequivocally condemn terrorist acts that threaten the stability of Bahrain, the country's Justice Ministry says.

Last 3 of 22 Uighur detainees transferred from Guantanamo Bay prison

Three Chinese detainees at the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were sent voluntarily to Slovakia, the U.S. Defense Department announced Tuesday.

Owner of Bangladesh clothing factory faces charges for deadly fire

A magistrate in Bangladesh issued a warrant Tuesday for the arrest of the owner of a clothing factory where 112 people were killed in a fire.

More than 60 militants killed in separate clashes with Nigerian troops

Nigerian military forces say they have killed more than 60 militants in searches for insurgents involved in an attack on a military post this month.

Son of Muslim Brotherhood leader arrested in Cairo

Anas El-Beltagy, son of an imprisoned leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and two other students were arrested Tuesday in Cairo.

Afghan intel agency says arrests made in Laghman province bombing

Taliban militants were among those arrested Tuesday in a bombing in Afghanistan's Laghman province in which at least 25 people were injured, officials said.

Putin's New Year message to Obama: Strive for constructive cooperation

Russian President Vladimir Putin told U.S. President Obama Russia intends to maintain cooperation with the United States to work toward global stability.

South Sudan rebel agrees to peace talks claiming he took Bor

South Sudan rebel leader Reik Machar says he will discuss peace with the government, claiming his forces captured the key town of Bor, the BBC reported.

Tunisia creates fund to aid victims of ousted president

Tunisian lawmakers say they have created a fund to compensate victims of former President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.

100 killed in failed coup attempt in Democratic Republic of Congo

A former presidential candidate in the Democratic Republic of Congo is "on the run" after a failed coup attempt, a government official said.
Key deadline to be missed in destroying Syria's chemical arms

Key deadline to be missed in destroying Syria's chemical arms

Norwegian and Danish ships waiting to haul Syria's chemical arms returned to port in Cyprus, indicating a key deadline would be missed, officials said Tuesday.

65 arrested following attack on emergency officials in Veen

Netherlands police said they have arrested 65 people after a youth gang threw bottles and fireworks at fire engines and police cars in the village of Veen.
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