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Police: Man planned gorilla suit attack

April 5, 2012 at 5:44 PM

PITTSBURGH, April 5 (UPI) -- A man charged with attacking his roommate planned to wear a gorilla suit while attacking the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade, investigators say.

Sean Notman's $100,000 bail was revoked after police showed a judge evidence of his plans, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported. Investigators said Notman sketched out a deadly attack in a notebook and on his computer.

"He had the means, and he had the plans," Allegheny County Detective Robert Opferman said Wednesday. "We do feel he was capable of carrying out the assault."

Notman, 27, is charged with the attempted murder of Gene Marnell and Marnell's girlfriend in the apartment the two men shared in Mt. Oliver. Marnell said he was able to get the gun away after Notman fired two shots at him with an AK-47 on Feb. 26.

Opferman said Notman in his writings showed a particular interest in killing women and police officers. He said he planned his killing spree for St. Patrick's Day because he would have "more dogs to put down."

Police found a gorilla suit Notman had ordered on line on the floor in his bedroom, Opferman said.

"It's bizarre, but he's obviously a danger," Opferman said. "He did shoot at his best friend, so what would he do to complete strangers or someone he has a grudge against?"

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