List of Nobel Prize in Physics winners

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- List of Nobel Prize in Physics winners:

2011 -- Saul Perlmutter, United States; Adam G. Riess, United States; Brian P. Schmidt, Australia

2010 -- Andre Geim, Netherlands; Konstantin Novoselov, England and Russia

2009 -- Charles Kao, United Kingdom and United States; Willard Boyle, Canada and United States; George Smith, United States

2008 -- Yoichiro Nambu, United States; Makoto Kobayashi, Japan; Toshihide Maskawa, Japan

2007 -- Albert Fert, France; Peter Grunberg, Germany

2006 -- John C. Mather, United States; George F. Smoot, United States

2005 -- Roy J. Glauber, United States; John L. Hall, United States; Theodor W. Hansch, Germany

2004 -- David J. Gross, United States; H. David Politzer, United States; Frank Wilczek, United States

2003 -- Alexei A. Abrikosov, United States and Russia; Vitaly L. Ginzburg, Russia; Anthony J. Leggett, United Kingdom and United States

2002 -- Raymond Davis Jr., United States; Masatoshi Koshiba, Japan; Riccardo Giacconi, United States

2001 -- Eric A. Cornell, United States; Wolfgang Ketterle, Germany; Carl E. Wieman, United States

2000 -- Zhores I. Alferov, Russia; Herbert Kroemer, Germany; Jack S. Kilby, United States

1999 -- Gerardus 't Hooft, Netherlands; Martinus J.G. Veltman, Netherlands

1998 -- Robert B. Laughlin, United States; Horst L. Stormer, Germany; Daniel C. Tsui, United States

1997 -- Steven Chu, United States; Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, France; William D. Phillips, United States

1996 -- David M. Lee, United States; Douglas D. Osheroff, United States; Robert C. Richardson, United States

1995 -- Martin L. Perl, United States; Frederick Reines, United States

1994 -- Bertram N. Brockhouse, Canada; Clifford G. Shull, United States

1993 -- Russell A. Hulse, United States; Joseph H. Taylor Jr., United States

1992 -- Georges Charpak, France

1991 -- Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, France

1990 -- Jerome I. Friedman, United States; Henry W. Kendall, United States; Richard E. Taylor, Canada

1989 -- Norman F. Ramsey, United States; Hans G. Dehmelt, United States; Wolfgang Paul, Germany

1988 -- Leon M. Lederman, United States; Melvin Schwartz, United States; Jack Steinberger, United States

1987 -- J. Georg Bednorz, Germany, K. Alex Muller, Switzerland

1986 -- Ernst Ruska, Germany; Gerd Binnig, Germany; Heinrich Rohrer, Switzerland

1985 -- Klaus von Klitzing, Germany

1984 -- Carlo Rubbia, Italy; Simon van der Meer, Netherlands

1983 -- Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, United States; William A. Fowler, United States

1982 -- Kenneth G. Wilson, United States

1981 -- Nicolaas Bloembergen, United States; Arthur L. Schawlow, United States; Kai M. Siegbahn, Sweden

1980 -- James Cronin, United States; Val Fitch, United States

1979 -- Sheldon Glashow, United States; Abdus Salam, Pakistan; Steven Weinberg, United States

1978 -- Pyotr Kapitsa, Soviet Union; Arno Penzias, United States; Robert Woodrow Wilson, United States

1977 -- Philip W. Anderson, United States; Nevill F. Mott, United Kingdom; John H. van Vleck, United States

1976 -- Burton Richter, United States; Samuel C.C. Ting, United States

1975 -- Aage N. Bohr, Denmark; Ben R. Mottelson, Denmark; James Rainwater, United States

1974 -- Martin Ryle, Uited Kingdom; Antony Hewish, United Kingdom

1973 -- Leo Esaki, Japan; Ivar Giaever, United States; Brian D. Josephson, United Kingdom

1972 -- John Bardeen, United States; Leon N. Cooper, United States; Robert Schrieffer, United States

1971 -- Dennis Gabor, United Kingdom

1970 -- Hannes Alfven, Sweden; Louis Neel, France

1969 -- Murray Gell-Mann, United States

1968 -- Luis Alvarez, United States

1967 -- Hans Bethe, United States

1966 -- Alfred Kastler, France

1965 -- Sin-Itiro Tomonaga, Japan; Julian Schwinger, United States; Richard P. Feynman, United States

1964 -- Charles H. Townes, United States; Nicolay G. Basov, Soviet Union; Aleksandr M. Prokhorov, Soviet Union

1963 -- Eugene Wigner, United States; Maria Goeppert-Mayer, United States; J. Hans D. Jensen, Germany

1962 -- Lev Landau, Soviet Union

1961 -- Robert Hofstadter, United States; Rudolf Mossbauer, Germany

1960 -- Donald A. Glaser, United States

1959 -- Emilio Segre, United States; Owen Chamberlain, United States

1958 -- Pavel A. Cherenkov, Soviet Union; IlĀ“ja M. Frank, Soviet Union; Igor Y. Tamm, Soviet Union

1957 -- Chen Ning Yang, China; Tsung-Dao Lee, China

1956 -- William B. Shockley, United States; John Bardeen, United States; Walter H. Brattain, United States

1955 -- Willis E. Lamb, United States; Polykarp Kusch, United States

1954 -- Max Born, United Kingdom; Walther Bothe, Germany

1953 -- Frits Zernike, Netherlands

1952 -- Felix Bloch, United States; E. M. Purcell, United States

1951 -- John Cockcroft, United Kingdom; Ernest T.S. Walton, Ireland

1950 -- Cecil Powell, United Kingdom

1949 -- Hideki Yukawa, Japan

1948 -- Patrick M.S. Blackett, United Kingdom

1947 -- Edward V. Appleton, United Kingdom

1946 -- Percy W. Bridgman, United States

1945 -- Wolfgang Pauli, Austria

1944 -- Isidor Isaac Rabi, United States

1943 -- Otto Stern, United States

1942 -- No prize awarded

1941 -- No prize awarded

1940 -- No prize awarded

1939 -- Ernest Lawrence, United States

1938 -- Enrico Fermi, Italy

1937 -- Clinton Davisson, United States; George Paget Thomson, United Kingdom

1936 -- Victor F. Hess, Austria; Carl D. Anderson, United States

1935 -- James Chadwick, United Kingdom

1934 -- No prize awarded

1933 -- Erwin Schrodinger, Austria; Paul A.M. Dirac, United Kingdom

1932 -- Werner Heisenberg, Germany

1931 -- No prize awarded

1930 -- Venkata Raman, India

1929 -- Louis de Broglie, France

1928 -- Owen Willans Richardson, United Kingdom

1927 -- Arthur H. Compton, United States; C.T.R. Wilson, United Kingdom

1926 -- Jean Baptiste Perrin, France

1925 -- James Franck, Germany; Gustav Hertz, Germany

1924 -- Manne Siegbahn, Sweden

1923 -- Robert A. Millikan, United States

1922 -- Niels Bohr, Denmark

1921 -- Albert Einstein, Germany and Switzerland

1920 -- Charles Edouard Guillaume, Switzerland

1919 -- Johannes Stark, Germany

1918 -- Max Planck, Germany

1917 -- Charles Glover Barkla, United Kingdom

1916 -- No prize awarded

1915 -- William Bragg, United Kingdom; Lawrence Bragg, United Kingdom

1914 -- Max von Laue, Germany

1913 -- Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, Netherlands

1912 -- Gustaf Dalen, Sweden

1911 -- Wilhelm Wien, Germany

1910 -- Johannes Diderik van der Waals, Netherlands

1909 -- Guglielmo Marconi, Italy; Ferdinand Braun, Germany

1908 -- Gabriel Lippmann, France

1907 -- Albert A. Michelson, United States

1906 -- J.J. Thomson, United Kingdom

1905 -- Philipp Lenard, Germany

1904 -- John William Strutt, United Kingdom

1903 -- Henri Becquerel, France; Pierre Curie, France; Marie Curie, France

1902 -- Hendrik A. Lorentz, Netherlands; Pieter Zeeman, Netherlands

1901 -- Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, Germany

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