Politician's security irks her neighbors

Nov. 10, 2005 at 3:13 PM

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Security around the home of a Dutch member of Parliament threatened by Muslim extremists has angered her neighbors to the point of a court challenge.

Citing "unbearable disruptions," Amsterdam neighbors of Ayaan Hirsi Ali filed the suit, which will be heard by a court in The Hague on Nov. 25, the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad said Thursday.

Somali-born Hirsi Ali has received numerous death threats after she worked with filmmaker Theo van Gogh on the short film, "Submission," which was critical of how women are treated in Islamic societies. Van Gogh was slain Nov. 2, 2004.

Her neighbors, however, say they are fed up with the noise of the armored car she is chauffeured in, squealing tires at all hours, constantly idling engines, and the large number of security cameras in the residential area.

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