NFL Draft -- Underclassmen

April 27, 2003 at 9:50 PM

NEW YORK, April 27 (UPI) -- Underclassmen who were available to be selected in the NFL draft, giving the spot in the draft where they were chosen and the team that picked them:

Santonio Beard, rb, Alabama (junior) -- not drafted

Anquan Boldin, wr, Florida St. (junior) -- 54, Arizona

Chris Brown, rb, Colorado (junior) -- 93, Tennessee

Peter Christofilakos, k, Illinois (junior) -- not drafted

Dallas Clark, te, Iowa (junior) -- 24, Indianapolis

Chris Clemons, lb, Georgia (junior) -- not drafted

J.P. Comella, fb, Boston College (junior) -- not drafted

Brennan Curtain, t, Notre Dame (junior) -- 212, Green Bay

Dante Ellington, ot, Alabama (junior) -- not drafted

Lynaris Elpheage, cb, Tulane (junior) -- not drafted

Bret Engemann, qb, BYU (junior) -- not drafted

Jeff Faine, c, Notre Dame (junior) -- 21, Cleveland

Rex Grossman, qb, Florida (junior) -- 22, Chicago

Ken Hamlin, s, Arkansas (junior) -- 42, Seattle

Kwame Harris, t, Stanford (junior) -- 26, San Francisco

Andre Johnson, wr, Miami (junior) -- 3, Houston

Robert Johnson, te, Auburn (junior) -- not drafted

Teyo Johnson, wr, Stanford (junior) -- 63, Oakland

ReShard Lee, rb, Middle Tennessee (junior) -- not drafted

Brandon Lloyd, wr, Illinois (junior) -- 124, San Francisco

Rien Long, dt, Washington St. (junior) -- 126, Tennessee

Shawn McDonald, wr, Arizona St. (junior) -- 106, St. Louis

Willis McGahee, rb, Miami (sophomore) -- 23, Buffalo

Clint Mitchell, dl, Florida (junior) -- 227, Denver

Shantee Orr, de, Michigan (junior) -- not drafted

Terry Pierce, lb, Kanas St. (junior) -- 51, Denver

Shurron Pierson, lb, Kansas St. (junior) -- 129, Oakland

Dewayne Robertson, dt, Kentucky (junior) -- 4, NY Jets

Charles Rogers, wr, Michigan St. (junior) -- 2, Detroit

Ian Scott, dl, Florida (junior) -- 176, Chicago

Musa Smith, rb, Georgia (junior) -- 77, Baltimore

Onterrio Smith, rb, Oregon (junior) -- 105, Minnesota

Terrell Suggs, de, Arizona St. (junior) -- 10, Baltimore

Johnathan Sullivan, dt, Georgia (junior) -- 6, New Orleans

LaBrandon Toefield, rb, LSU (junior) -- 132, Jacksonville

Kelley Washington, wr, Tennessee (sophomore) -- 65, Cincinnati

Ben Watson, te, Georgia (junior) -- not drafted

Dewayne White, de, Louisville (junior) -- 64, Tampa Bay

Jason Witten, te, Tennessee (junior) -- 69, Dallas

George Wrighster, te, Oregon (junior) -- 104, Jacksonville

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