NFL Draft List -- Round 7

April 27, 2003 at 5:58 PM

NEW YORK, April 27 (UPI) -- Selections in the seventh round of the 2003 NFL Draft:

215. Cincinnati -- Scott Kooistra, t, North Carolina St.

216. Deroit -- Ben Johnson, t, Wisconsin

217. Houston -- Curry Burns, cb, Louisville

218. Jacksonville from Chicago -- Malaefou Mackenzie, rb, USC

219. Dallas -- Justin Bates, g, Colorado

220. Detroit from Arizona -- Blue Adams, cb, Cincinnati

221. Minnesota -- Keenan Howry, wr, Oregon

222. Seattle from Jacksonville -- Josh Brown, k, Nebraska

223. Baltimore -- Trent Smith, te, Oklahoma

224. Seattle -- Taco Wallace, wr, Kansas State

225. Tennessee from St. Louis through New England -- Todd Williams, g, Florida St.

226. Carolina from Washington through Miami -- Walter Young, wr, Illinois

227. Denver from Carolina -- Clint Mitchell, de, Florida

228. Buffalo -- Mario Haggan, lb, Mississippi State

229. San Diego -- Andrew Pinnock, rb, South Carolina

230. Kansas City -- Montique Sharpe, nt, Wake Forest

231. New Orleans -- Talman Gardner, wr, Florida St.

232. Washington from Miami -- Gibran Hamdan, qb, Indiana

233. Houston (supplemental) -- Chance Pearce, c, Texas A&M

234. New England -– Spencer Nead, te, BYU

235. Denver –- Ahmaad Galloway, rb, Alabama

236. Detroit from Cleveland through San Diego and Dallas -- Brandon Drumm, fb, Colorado

237. NY Jets –- Dave Yovanovits, ot, Temple

238. Atlanta –- Demetrin Veal, de, Tennessee

239 New England from Indianapolis through New Orleans -- Tully Banta-Cain, de, California

240. NY Giants -– Charles Drake, fs, Michigan

241. San Francisco -– Ken Dorsey, qb, Miami

242. Pittsburgh –- J.T. Wall, db, Georgia

243. New England from Tennessee –- Ethan Kelley, dt, Baylor

244. Philadelphia from Green Bay –- Norman Lejeune, ss, Louisiana State

245. Green Bay from Philadelphia –- Chris Johnson, cb, Louisville

246. Oakland –- Siddeeq Shabazz, ss, New Mexico State

247. Carolina from Tampa Bay through Miami -– Casey Moore, fb, Stanford

248. Miami (compensatory) –- Davern Williams, dt, Troy State

249. NY Giants (compensatory) -– Wayne Lucier, c, Colorado

250. Baltimore (compensatory) –- Mike Mabry, c, Central Florida

251. St. Louis (compensatory) -- Scott Shanle, lb, Nebraska

252. Kansas City (compensatory) -– Willie Pile, fs, Virginia Tech

253. Green Bay (compensatory) –- DeAndrew Rubin, wr, South Florida

254. St. Louis (compensatory) –- Richard Angulo, te, Western New Mexico

255. NY Giants (compensatory) –- Kevin Walter, wr, Eastern Michigan

256. Green Bay (compensatory) –- Carl Ford, wr, Toledo

257. Green Bay (compensatory) –- Steve Josue, lb, Carson Newman

258. Baltimore (compensatory)-- Antwoine Sanders, fs, Utah

259. Cincinnati (compensatory) -– Elton Patterson, de, Central Florida

260. Detroit (compensatory) –- Travis Anglin, wr, Memphis

261. Chicago (compensatory) –- Bryan Anderson, g, Pittsburgh

262. Oakland from Houston –- Ryan Hoag, wr, Gustavus Adolphus

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