Red Bull's helmet cam captures stuntman's jump from space

New footage from Red Bull shows Felix Baumgartner's nine-minute skydive from space.
By Veronica Linares Contact the Author   |   Oct. 16, 2013 at 12:45 PM

(UPI) -- Last year Felix Baumgartner took a balloon 24 miles over New Mexico and jumped out. Protected by a pressure suit, the stuntman reached a speed of over 840 miles per hour, becoming the first person to go supersonic during a free fall.

Baumgartner fell nine minutes before reaching the ground, with four minutes and 20 seconds of that spent in free fall.

The Stratos skydive, which was captured on video by a helmet cam, was sponsored by Red Bull and posted online Monday.

Earlier this year, Baumgartner told Business Insider that fear can be your friend as long as you're able to control it.

"As soon as fear turns into panic, you lose it," he said.

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