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Fugitive Senator safari "expelled"

Kigali, June 10 (RNA) - Senator Safari Stanley is no longer part of the 26-member Upper House of Parliament effective Wednesday afternoon - after a unanimous vote - as Interpol searches for the fugitive legislator, RNA reports.

Among the 19 Senators present, only one (1) abstained as the legislators voted to expel Mr. Safari as per the procedural rules of the House - which require that a member is sent packing when they miss 10 days of sessions.

The Senate ruled last week to write to him but he had not responded as of June 10, House Speaker Vicent Biruta told the lawmakers, who only spent 30minutes debating the issue.

Government has engaged Interpol to arrest Mr. Safari as a local Gacaca court has already sentenced him to life in jail in solitary confinement. Available information indicates his is in Uganda seeking help from the UN refugee agency and Amnesty International to travel to Europe.

Last year, at the end of a trial for hoarding and looting of goods during the genocide, the senator was sentenced to a fine of 7 million Rwandan francs (nearly 13 000 American dollars).

However, the Senators heard on Wednesday that Mr. Safari still had the right to appeal his Genocide case whose verdict came on Sunday.

A brilliant orator, Mr. Safari had fought for the dissolution in 2003 of his former party, the Republican Democratic Movement (MDR), which he accused of having thought and spread the genocide ideology. After the dissolution of the MDR, he, along with others, founded the Party for Solidarity and Progress (PSP), which belongs to the coalition around the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which is in power.

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