Chicken at the Honolulu Zoo plays piano

"I've tried different chickens. But, Hawk here seems to be the most willing to learn," zookeeper says.
By Evan Bleier Follow @itishowitis Contact the Author   |   Feb. 24, 2014 at 11:29 AM

HONOLULU, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- In addition to laying eggs and chowing down on chicken feed, a talented hen at the Honolulu Zoo has apparently learned to play the piano.

Hawk the hen has been trained to ring a bell, leap through hoops and tickle the ivories by zookeeper Miki Nagatoshi.

"I've tried different chickens. But, Hawk here seems to be the most willing to learn. She's eager to learn," Nagatoshi told KITV. "Chickens are so underrated because everybody thinks chickens can't learn anything. All they're good for is, ya know, to eat and lay eggs. But, we're here to prove them wrong."

It took four months, but Hawk was eventually able to discover how to play and can also recognize different colors.

"Positive reinforcement. That's how we got her with these behaviors," Nagatoshi said. "She makes a lot of kids happy and it kind of proves that chickens are underrated. You know, chickens, they can be smart. They make good pets."

The cultured chicken currently performs for crowds at the zoo.


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