Four Australian bikini-wearing bandits steal Christmas lights

"It's definitely the first one that I've come across where this is the only description we do have," officer says.
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Australian police are on the lookout for four bikini-wearing thieves who reportedly stole dozens of Christmas lights from gardens in the small town of South Johnstone early on Sunday morning.

The scantily-clad ladies took at least 30 solar lights before a neighbor heard noises and ended up chasing them down the street.

"The victim's neighbor woke up about 1 a.m. to dogs barking and saw them in the front yard," said an Innisfail police spokeswoman. "He yelled out and that's when they run off. They were spotted running off across the football oval."

The population of South Johnstone is just under 500 people.

"It's definitely the first one that I've come across where this is the only description we do have," said Senior Constable Megan Denning. "But I guess it's the type of description that someone might know.”

The eyewitness in the case hasn’t been very helpful, possibly because he was slightly distracted by the bikini bandits’ choice of attire.

"One of the residents of Goroka Close has woken up to a couple of females in his neighbor’s yard, stealing solar lights,” Denning said. "The only description he was able to give was young females wearing bikinis."

Police are continuing to investigate the theft and are hopeful that someone will remember something, anything, about the thieves other than what they were wearing.

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