South Carolina woman allegedly beats 64-year-old man for farting in her face

After Jessica Cerney awoke to a face full of farts, she allegedly proceeded to beat a man 30 years her senior.
By Matt Bradwell   |   Updated Aug. 22, 2014 at 11:59 AM

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., Aug. 21 (UPI) -- A South Carolina woman was arrested Monday for allegedly beating a man in his 60s, after the man drunkenly passed gas in her face.

Witnesses told police that 33-year-old Jessica Cerney was asleep on her couch in her Myrtle Beach residence when 64-year-old Darrell McNight entered the home and farted in her face.

"[McKnight] came into the house intoxicated and 'passed gas' is [Cerney's] face while she was laying on the couch," according to the police report obtained by the Smoking Gun. In the initial report, the names of both parties were omitted.

"[Cerney] walked outside to get away from [an] intoxicated [McKnight] but [McKnight] walked out also. The two were arguing over the incident and [McKnight] walked toward [Cerney] cursing in a "threatening manner." [Cerney] stated that she pulled her arms down and when McKnight bent down she struck him in the face approximately three times with a closed fist."

McKnight had to be taken to the hospital for treatment to a swollen right eye while Cerney, unless she develops a case of delayed pinkeye, did not suffer any injuries.

Both parties were issued citations for fighting. It is unclear if they knew each other prior to the incident.

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