Chandelier falls during maintenance at British historic home

March 18, 2014 at 1:30 PM

BURNLEY, England, March 18 (UPI) -- Officials in a Burnley, England, said insurance will pay for thousands of dollars worth of repairs to a chandelier dropped by workmen at a historic home.

Council officials said workmen on the city payroll were replacing bulbs in the chandelier at Towneley Hall, a 16th century house owned by the city, and the chandelier fell to the ground while the workers were moving it, the Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.

"During a routine bulb change on the chandelier in the Great Hall at Towneley, slight damage occurred and the chandelier has been removed for repair and cleaning," said Simon Goff, head of green spaces and amenities for Burnley Council. "We will also take the opportunity to re-wire the chandelier and it will be returned as soon as possible. The care and conservation policy for the museum's collections is followed at all times while carrying out routine work."

The cost of the repairs was estimated at $4,905, which a council spokesman said would be covered by insurance.

"Caring for all items in the museum, whether in the collections or on loan, is fundamental," the spokesman said. "This was an unfortunate accident that happened as the chandelier was being lowered to be cleaned."

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