Police: Thief dropped his dentures while climbing through window

Jan. 16, 2014 at 1:30 PM

BEREZOVSKY, Russia, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- Russian police said a man staying with a friend stole money and left through a window, but he dropped his dentures while exiting.

Kemerovo Region police released a statement Thursday saying the 48-year-old man was staying with a friend in Berezovsky and he awoke late at night and decided he wanted to drink more alcohol, RIA Novosti reported Thursday.

"When he found that the apartment was closed from the outside and that there was no drink left, he stole money and a tool from his co-habitant," the police statement read.

Police said the man threw his clothes and the electric drill out of a small window before squeezing through himself. He lost his dentures while exiting through the window, police said.

Investigators said the 220-pound man was arrested and officers ordered him to re-enact the earlier events in the friend's apartment.

However, "this rather large man could not get through the small window he climbed through in the robbery, and got stuck," police said in the statement.

Police said the man, who was reunited with his dentures, could face up to five years in jail if he is convicted on the theft charge.

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