Cleveland Browns fan posts quarterback position on Craigslist

Oct. 17, 2013 at 2:44 PM

CLEVELAND, Oct. 17 (UPI) -- A Cleveland Browns fan expressed his frustration with quarterback Brandon Weeden with a Craigslist ad seeking "anyone" to replace the player.

Seth Pae, a DePaul University graduate student, put up the Craigslist job posting for a new Cleveland Browns quarterback as a sign of his frustration with the team and Weeden in particular, ESPN.com reported Thursday.

"Have you played pro football?" the ad read. "College ball? High school? Pee-wee? Have you played Madden before? Do you know some of the rules of football? If yes, keep reading."

"We will take ANYONE!" the ad reads.

Pae said the ad was a means of relieving his anger toward the team.

"I was blowing off steam," Pae said. "We've had like 396 quarterbacks since 1999. It's a bit much. We're still looking for 'the one.' I feel like we're the Ted Mosby of football teams; we're still looking for the one," he said, referring to the plot of CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother."

Pae said a recent move by the quarterback sent him over the edge.

"That one interception where [Weeden] flung the ball forward," Pae said. "I watched video of it a couple times, and I saw two wide receivers wide open... He decided to shovel pass it to nobody."

Weeden said he no longer follows social media.

"I got very good earmuffs on," Weeden said. "I went out and bought the best ones I could. You can't listen to [the criticism]."

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