Residents of Bland Shire, Australia, visit Dull, Scotland

July 31, 2013 at 2:14 PM

DULL, Scotland, July 31 (UPI) -- Residents of Australia's Bland Shire region made a visit to Dull, Scotland, to forge ties between the two uninterestingly named locations.

Dot McCaskie and Gail Platz, residents of the New South Wales region of Bland Shire, were greeted in Dull last week by Julie and Donald Riddell, The Daily Telegraph, Britain, reported Wednesday.

The trip was inspired by Dull's partnership with the U.S. city of Boring, Ore., which is aimed at creating an official "Boring and Dull Day" to celebrate the two locations and the mundane activities their names imply.

"Their slogan goes 'Bland by name but not by nature' and if their friendly personalities are a taste of how things are back in their home town, then I would say they are totally right," Julie Riddell said. "Dot said Bland was just a bit tired of being made fun of and when someone spotted the Dull and Boring twinning they thought they'd make it a threesome."

McCaskie, an employee of the Bland Shire Council, said she hopes the visit "will basically make people aware of Bland Shire, and also make people aware there are unusual names around the world."

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