Swedish police: Roadkill elk 'stolen' from roadside

June 27, 2013 at 4:04 PM

ARVIDSJAUR, Sweden, June 27 (UPI) -- Police in Sweden said they were called to remove an elk killed by a car but the carcass was gone by the time they arrived.

Norrbotten police spokeswoman Anna-Lena Hesse said a motorist contacted police to say an elk had been struck and killed on a road near Arvidsjaur in the early hours Wednesday, Swedish news agency TT reported Thursday.

"Someone called the police to say they'd hit an elk with their car and that the elk was dead," Hesse said. "We sent out the hunters but they were unable to locate the body. The conclusion was that the elk was stolen."

Hesse said the incident was "rather unusual."

"Someone suggested that the thieves wanted the body for the meat, but the meat is probably no good anyway after the accident. Someone else speculated that the thieves may have taken the elk meat to use as carrion, but who knows for sure?" Hesse said.

Hesse said police do not plan to investigate the case any further.

"However, we can always reopen it if anyone knows anything, and residents shouldn't hesitate to contact us if they know anything. But for the meantime, we see no possibility in solving this case," Hesse told The Local.se. "We have more important cases to solve, anyway."

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