British woman has driveway installed behind lamp post

May 1, 2013 at 2:42 PM

ANDOVER, England, May 1 (UPI) -- A British great-grandmother is asking officials to move a lamppost blocking the driveway she had put in 10 days after the post was installed.

Kathleen Annals said she decided to have a driveway put in at her Andover, England, home so family members would be able to park when they visit, but she realized after the driveway was installed by workmen that the surface was inaccessible by cars because it was being blocked by a lamp post installed 10 days earlier, The Sun reported Wednesday.

"I have done it the wrong way around. I had the driveway laid after the lamp post was put there," Annals said.

Annals, who has lived in her home for 30 years, said she hopes the Hampshire County Council will be willing to move the lamp post.

"I hope the council do the work as soon as possible, I am quite happy with paying the bill," Annals said. "I had the work done because there was nowhere for my family to park when they visited me. But I have not got a parking space at the moment because of the lamppost."

The council confirmed it has received Annals' request.

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