Aggressive ducks attack in Florida

April 10, 2013 at 12:36 PM
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MIAMI SPRINGS, Fla., April 10 (UPI) -- Residents of a Florida city are complaining to officials about unprovoked and unexpected attacks from aggressive ducks.

Rosie Buckner of Miami Springs told police and city officials she was accosted by a duck "suddenly and without warning" while walking near a bike path, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

"It was a vicious, aggressive duck that came after us from across the street," Buckner said. "I fought the duck off, but not before I was bitten by it."

Police said they have received several reports from around the city about attacks from overly aggressive Muscovy ducks, which were originally brought to the area from South America.

City Manager Ron Gorland said the birds are likely protecting their territories.

"They are typically guarding nests," Gorland said. "They're not new to Miami Springs."

Gorland said officials "are looking into what our options are" for dealing with the ducks.

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