British parents have 16th child

Nov. 23, 2012 at 1:59 PM

MORECAMBE, England, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- A British couple who just had their 16th child said they may not be finished having children.

Sue Radford, 37, of Morecambe, England, who first got pregnant at the age of 14, said she and her husband, Noel, just brought newborn Casper home and may consider having even more children, The Sun reported Friday.

"I just love being a mummy. We're so lucky," Radford said. "I get very emotional when I see the children together. I know people stare. Some think they won't get the attention they need. They don't realize how dedicated we are. And maybe we'll be lucky enough to have more."

The couple's first child, Chris, 23, was followed by Sophie, 18, Chloe, 17, Jack, 15, Daniel, 13, Luke, 11,

Millie, 10, Katie, 9, James, 8, Ellie, 7, Aimee, 6, Josh, 4, Max, 3, Tilly May, 2, Oscar, 1, and finally newborn Casper about seven weeks ago.

The couple said they recently became grandparents when Sophie had a baby of her own.

The family, which does not receive any government assistance, lives in a 9-bedroom house that formerly served as a nursing home and use a minibus to transport their brood. The parents said they spend about $400 on groceries each week.

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