Vacationers hate coming home to chores

July 24, 2011 at 5:51 PM

ROTHERHAM, England, July 24 (UPI) -- People home from vacation may dread opening the mail, or refilling the refrigerator, but most dread doing laundry from vacation, a British survey indicates.

A survey, commissioned by the laundry service Your Holiday Wash, indicates 52 percent hate doing doing holiday laundry, while 20 percent hate opening the mail that piled up during vacation, 10.5 percent hate cleaning the house, 10.5 percent hate doing grocery shopping and refilling the refrigerator and 6.8 percent hated catching up with the gardening.

Women hate holiday laundry more than men, 57 percent versus 43 percent of men.

However, men dreaded opening the mail more than women -- almost 25 percent of men say they hated opening the mail compared to 18 percent of women.

Instead of doing these post-vacation tasks, what would those who have just completed a vacation rather do? Almost two-thirds say they would like to relax and do nothing or spend time with loved ones.

The survey was completed by Omnibus Survey last April. No further survey details were provided.

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